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Memorial Day 2011

June 13, 2011

Guess who discovered their nipple this past memorial day weekend!


I’m just glad it wasn’t Gemma’s nipple.  It was an action packed 4 day weekend.  There were bouncehouses, strawberries, fountains, wagon rides, pools, sandboxes, water tables, cupcakes, family and friends.  Basically a normal weekend for the boy, only longer.  He has a pretty rough life you see.


Come Monday, the last day of the weekend, when I asked Aiden what he wanted to do, he could only respond with “watch TV” and whine for his blankie, to which Dan and I responded “Ha!  We beat you.”  Completely wearing out an almost 2 year old is quite the accomplishment in our house.



Friends and the North Georgia Fair

November 12, 2010

I feel FAIR-ly thrilled to have recently stumbled upon a new group of ladies with babies all around the same age as Aiden who I greatly enjoy the company of and who have been nice enough to include me in their circle.  Without them we would have missed out on the fair this year, and then what would I have to look forward to next fall?

First ride.  He was digging it.

Old Car Ride

Logan?  Not so much.

It's ok little buddy...

Second ride was the teacups.  No pictures, but tons of fun.

Third ride.  Is it just me or is half the fun of the fair the thrill/terror that you feel when you of entrust the lives of your children to fair rides?

Riding Nemo

Feeding the goats.  Most of the goats were full.  It was a constant fight to get to the couple of gluttonous goats that would eat out of our hands.  We *may* have just elbowed that kid to get to the goat while his mother stopped to pick her nose.

Excuse me

Not great picture quality, but great ladies and great times!

Fair with Friends

The 4th

July 27, 2010

One thing that I didn’t take a moment to appreciate last year on July 4th (probably because all of my free time was spent  crying in those early postpartum days) was exactly how close Aiden’s birthday is to a holiday.  I do vaguely remember watching the fireworks from the back doors of our house last year (the first night he was home from the hospital) but I doubt it even occurred to me that we were celebrating anything other than Aiden’s arrival.

I was a little more lucid this year and after all the birthday festivities were behind us, we managed to have a nice little 4th.  It all started with a trip to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens…

Stroller Brigade    Cute boys

…where Aiden liked to pick look at the flowers…

He may or may not have rolled away with that flower...

…and the birds (we need to get this kid to a zoo).

The birds looked dead when we rolled up, but they gave us a show.

But he *really* liked the mist-ers…

In fairness, it was hot.

“Again,  again!”

Loved it

…and playing with mom and dad in the kids area.

In the bug least I think it was a bug.

Dylann liked the fountain so much that there may have been some trickery involved in getting her out of there.

The reason people get season passes to Atlanta Botanical Gardens

Then after a last minute change of plans, we decided on Cuban for dinner  at one of our favorite restaurants (because nothing says Happy Birthday America like Cuban food).  But they were closed for the holiday so we went over to Taco Mac which I suppose felt more appropriate  anyway.  Then we stepped outside and enjoyed the Mall of GA fireworks. 

Waiting on the show to start...

...still waiting... 

The fireworks didn’ t start until close to 9:30…

Daddy and Aiden watching the works.   Aiden watching the works.  Daddy watching Aiden.

"What the hell?"

…and about half way through someone got very sleepy and opted for a more comfortable view.

Heart. Melting.

He was a trooper though and waited until we got to the car to totally pass out.

Birthday Party – Friends Edition

July 8, 2010

In the three months that I stayed home with Aiden after he was born, I was lucky enough to meet some fantastic ladies with babies around the same age.  I didn’t know any new mothers (or many mothers in general) and the isolation during those early months was palpable.  So  we got out, worked out, and made a few friends in the process.  These women and their children have made the last year much more interesting and enjoyable for both Aiden and I.  Here’s a picture of us from last December after our mommy/baby workout class.

Cara & Drew, Julie & Reese, Alexis & Maya, Me & Aiden, Sally & Sunny

Cara and Kerstin’s (missing from the picture above, but originally seen here with Superman) sons each have a birthday that falls really close to Aiden’s so we decided to have a little birthday party for the boys to celebrate their turning one.  A good time was had by all.

Crafty decorations = a lot of work
Banner by Beth 


I’m 1!

These two are bad news!
Up to no good

Drew took his cupcake smashing seriously and stripped down.
Serious smashing

The birthday boys…straight out of a horror film…
Birthday boys

We may have waited too long to take group pictures because that was the best I got of all three of them.

The group

Point and case: we may have all been smiling here, but we were all holding on by a very thin thread.  Lesson learned for next time: pictures first, toys and cake later.  Next time I think we’ll invite the daddies too.  (Also, scroll back up and see how much these babies grew in 6 months!)

Novel Weekend Novel

November 19, 2009

This past weekend was filled with awesomeness, however, true to form, I have very little photographic evidence to prove it.  We did manage to take some pictures on Sunday, so if you’re not interested in every little detail of my eventful weekend (or doctor rants), please scroll down.

Aiden had his four month well visit to a NEW doctor this past Friday.  I had been contemplating a doctor switch from the beginning since our original doctor liked to talk to us with the same inflection and enthusiasm she used with the children which I hate.  I’m an adult and Aiden is a child.  Adjust your voice accordingly when you’re addressing us.  It’s not hard.  Anyhow, I was finally pushed over the edge when a family emergency caused the doctor to cancel the appointment that I actually had enough foresight to make so that it would fall around his four month birthday.  When I called back to reschedule the following day, they didn’t have anything for a month.  This was unacceptable so we moved to a new doctor literally ten steps away from them.  I’m happy to report that I liked this new doctor much better.  She is delightfully drab and to the point…exactly what I want in a medical professional.  Aiden also flashed her several award winning smiles which I also took as a good sign.

Aiden weighed in at 13 lbs 5ozs (10-25th percentile) and 25 1/4 inches (75th percentile).  Still tall and skinny.  He got three shots and cried a little longer this time than last, but still not too bad.  A good part of the appointment was spent coaching us on how to start introducing solids to Aiden.  I was a very eager student, excited about the prospect of finally being able to appease all those folks that have said to give him rice cereal from the beginning (hi mom! =).  Since I’m running a little behind on posting, I will say that we have since given it a try and it was as awesome as I’d hoped.  Stay tuned.

So doctor’s appointment was good, and because it’s impossible to spend any less than an hour and a half there, no matter how routine the visit,  we missed our Friday mommy/baby class which always disappoints me (and Aiden I’m sure).  Thankfully my friend Alexis (with baby Maya) made up for it by hosting an amazing play date, our first ever.  Now this would be a great place for a picture of the four babies playing together or just co-existing in the same room, but like I said, I suck.  Fortunately this does give me motivation to do it again.  Not that I would need motivation because it was really quite lovely spending the afternoon snacking and getting to know other moms while Aiden got his play on.  Thanks again Alexis and Maya!

Saturday night I got a chance to go out with my teacher friends who I’ve missed dearly.  They are a fun group (the best cohort on earth some would say), and I had a blast hearing all of their teacher stories (even if I didn’t have any new ones to add) and singing karaoke with them.  I personally didn’t take any pictures, but I know several were taken.  Once they are posted on Facebook, I’ll add them here.  For now this is all I got (thanks Adrienne!).

Best Cohort Ever 

Of course me being gone all night, meant that Dan had babysitting duties.  This was the first time that Dan flew solo on getting Aiden through his nighttime routine.  He also got to handle the 12:30am wakeup call, which is an unusual time for Aiden to be up (I think he must have missed me).  But Dan did great and was a wonderful sport about the whole thing, and I really appreciated the opportunity to go out.  The next morning Dan said the experience reminded him of the first time he watched Callea overnight for me.  I’m happy yet slightly disappointed he didn’t think to do this with the baby ;)

Bad Daddy 

Which brings us to Sunday.  We had a pleasant little visit from the grandparents, took a lovely little walk in the glorious fall weather with Aiden sitting in the stroller like a big boy (no infant carrier), and took some great pictures.  Without further ado.

Yay For Fall  Hi Nama Airplane in the Leaves

Drool Machine Leaves!

Mom and DadMmmm I Will Eat You...   SONY DSC

Halloween 2009

November 3, 2009

I’ve always loved Halloween.  There’s just something right about going around and getting free candy as a kid and crazy costume parties as an adult.  Every year Dan and I do something special together to get in the spirit of things.  In California 2007, we all dressed up and started our tradition of cupcake decorating:


View Costumes
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Cupcakes 2007 

Last year we carved pumpkins (I was actually pregnant in this picture and didn’t know it) and did more cupcakes:

Skeleton Pumpkin    Ghost Pumpkin

Cupcakes 2008

But this year was different.  Our first Halloween with child.  I really wanted Aiden’s first Halloween to be extra special.  So before really thinking it through I decided to have a little Halloween gathering at our place for our friends and their kids the Saturday before Halloween.  I had this whimsical idea that they’d all come over and decorate cupcakes with us like we’ve done in years past.  Aiden and all his friends would be dressed up and we’d get lots of pictures.  It was all great in theory, but in execution it just ended up being a bit stressful planning to entertain such a large age range of kids (4 months – 10 years).  I think everyone had a good time though and it was really nice to see everyone.  Aiden’s costume ended up being entirely too warm for being indoors so he wasn’t even in costume for most of the party.  Here is the extent of pictures we have from the event (thanks Dan):

 Me & Aiden Kirsten & Leon

Drew & Family  The Chernaults

Tyler and Jathan


Before the party Dan and I made a little pumpkin with Aiden using his hands as leaves at the crafts table we had set up for the older kids.  Honestly, this was probably my favorite part of the day!

Tracing his hand  Gluing on the pieces

Finished product

A week later on Halloween morning, Aiden woke up with a stuffy nose and cough to go along with his pink eye so we made a trip back to the doctor to make sure it was nothing serious.  I refused to let a little case of the sniffles get me down and dressed Aiden in the pumpkin costume his Grandma gave him for the trip.  He was so stinking cute.

Before we left:

Lil Pumpkin 

Waiting at the doctor’s office:

 Tiny Chair     Wha happened?

That evening we stopped by our neighborhood Halloween party.  There were kids everywhere which I must say I’m going to have to get used to.  It’s so different when it’s not your kids – that’s all I’m going to say about that.

Us  Only Scarecrows Here 

Then we dressed him in his oven frog costume (in honor of those crazy frog legs he was born with) and took him trick-or-treating.  We only made it to one house between the bouts of rain.  He got a Kit Kat.  His enthusiasm in these pictures is overwhelming…

Trick or Treat...

give me something good to eat

Can’t wait until next year!