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2011 Year In Pictures

January 18, 2012

Ok so I hate doing these videos but I LOVE the results.  I can’t watch this video without smiling and in some cases laughing out loud.  I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.  And for anyone keeping track (aka no one ;) – 10 days earlier than last year.  Boo-yah!

Song – Jack Johnson “Better Together”


Now Stop Ragging On Me

October 20, 2011

If I knew it was going to be that easy, I probably wouldn’t have waited until 2 days shy of my completely unlofty goal of changing my name before my first year anniversary. 


It’s official.  I’m a Louche.

Becky’s Wedding…

August 14, 2011

…was beautiful.  The rehearsal on the beach was scorching hot (I was trying to see if I could find any pit stains in the photo below),


but the clouds rolled in for the ceremony almost as if on cue making it…well like I said before: beautiful.  Dan took a bunch of pictures.  Here are a few of my favorites.

The beautiful bride and her groom

Bride Groom

The ceremony setup

Goofy Officiant 

Mr. and Mrs. Chris and Becky Corders

Mr. and Mrs. Chris and Becky Corders

Me and my little family.  This was Saturday.  Aiden arrived on Thursday.  He was tired and thus we have no pictures of him smiling on the beach.  But wasn’t he cute in his little Hawaiian outfit?

The Louche Family  Living large

Proof that my dad doesn’t always look goofy in pictures.

My rents

Me and my mom and Dan trying to get Aiden to smile with his lion paw.  He was pretty well over picture time at this point, however.

My Mommy  Rawr

But once he hit the reception, got some food in his belly, this cat danced  the night away.  Gotta love a boy that loves to dance.

Hamming it up at the reception

And as I’m sure you guessed, we made it back without having a baby.  I almost unpacked this Target bag yesterday (yes, nearly a week after getting home), but I thought to myself, I need to take a picture first.

  Emergency Car Delivery Kit

So what’s with the string, hand sanitizer, scissors, and towel?  Well Dan watched a video on delivering a baby the morning before we left  and this is what it said we needed in case of an emergency car delivery.  After running down the list, he followed up with “I almost got sick just watching the cartoons in the video".   But at least he was prepared.

Somebody’s Getting Married

August 5, 2011

While admittedly I’ve not allowed myself to get too steeped in anticipation for what’s going down this weekend for my sister’s wedding because of the uncertainty of my attendance, I’m getting really excited about it now.  I spent some time last night trying out different wrap styles for my bridesmaid dress and while there’s no doubt that I will look like I’m about to have a baby, the dress is actually pretty fun.  Surprisingly I’m leaning towards the classic style that is displayed in the main picture of the etsy listing.

Despite my aloofness in regards to the ceremony up to now, I have been a somewhat dutiful maid of honor the last couple of weeks.  My sister, mom and myself took an overnight trip to Savannah so that Becky could do a trial run for her hair.  On this trip we learned that just because you can cut your own hair, it doesn’t mean you should (even if you cut hair for a living) and that more butter does equal more better in southern cooking (thanks Paula Deen).


And despite my sister’s aloofness in regards to all things wedding shower, I threw together an impromtu BBQ shower.  The hit of the party was the sangria made from this recipe.  I tripled it, left out the sugar, and used ginger ale to add the carbonation.  It sat overnight in the fridge and it was GOOD.  Made a pregnant girl excited to get back into the drinking game for sure.



July 18, 2011

We spent the week leading up to Aiden’s second birthday in Kissimmee, Florida with Nama, Paw Paw, and his cousin Tyler Brown.  It was an action packed seven days.  But before we get to that, sometime early on in this trip, Aiden picked up on my dad calling Tyler by his first and last name.  Hearing Aiden calling for Tyler Brown throughout this trip is something I want to remember.

And the fact that they so adorably shared a bed together for the  week.


Day 1:

We arrived late only to discover that the Waffle House near my parent’s timeshare closed since last summer.  No tears were shed over it, but it was pretty serious.  We also held true to the belief that Denny’s is not an acceptable substitute for Waffle House.  Even if it is 10pm at night and located right next door to the abandoned Waffle House.

For Dan

Day 2:

We recovered from the drive down pool-side and further mourned the loss of a friend (yes, I’m talking about Waffle House).  Don’t we all look kind of beat down here for it being the first day of vacation?


Day 3:

Beach day at Indialantic where Aiden flew his first kite…

Handing over the reigns

…and kept daddy on his toes.

A new game is born 

Digging in the sand with Nama 

Day 4:

Another day around the condo.  Aiden became deadly with a water gun.  Say hello to his little friend.

Say hello to my little friend!  

Day 5:

We took Tyler to ride go-carts.  Doesn’t he look thrilled about it?


We enjoyed watching though.


And Aiden got to ride a horse and elephant during a rain delay.  The end of this video is classic Aiden in a way that maybe only Dan and I can appreciate.

The rain put a damper on our putt-putt plans for the day, but it couldn’t stop the water gun fights.


Day 6:

The best part about older cousins?  Learning the sacred art of puddle-jumping from them.

 20110630-IMG_1115   20110630-IMG_1121

Then on to Sebastian Inlet. 


These pictures were right before the pelting (and I do mean pelting) rain set in.  We incorrectly did not take those black clouds behind us seriously.


Waving to the boats

And lest my dad think that Dan was just being mean when he told him that he always has the goofiest looks in pictures.



Day 7:

Aiden’s second birthday!  Stay tuned for details on all the ways we celebrated…

Memorial Day 2011

June 13, 2011

Guess who discovered their nipple this past memorial day weekend!


I’m just glad it wasn’t Gemma’s nipple.  It was an action packed 4 day weekend.  There were bouncehouses, strawberries, fountains, wagon rides, pools, sandboxes, water tables, cupcakes, family and friends.  Basically a normal weekend for the boy, only longer.  He has a pretty rough life you see.


Come Monday, the last day of the weekend, when I asked Aiden what he wanted to do, he could only respond with “watch TV” and whine for his blankie, to which Dan and I responded “Ha!  We beat you.”  Completely wearing out an almost 2 year old is quite the accomplishment in our house.


St. Pete Vacation – Part 2

June 10, 2011

I’m not sure what to say here, other than the rest of our vacation was absolute perfection.  We stayed at a little resort called TradeWinds (highly recommended for those with children) that had everything we needed right there.

Arriving at TradeWinds

The giraffe and shark statues that Aiden loved and couldn’t get enough of were merely icing on the cake.  And there were other little freebies like paddle boating that allowed us to hunt down the toad that wouldn’t stop croaking while we were swimming in the pool.

In the big pool

20110514-IMG_0717  20110514-IMG_0713

Aiden is at a wonderful age for taking him on vacation.  He’s developed a little bit of independence and isn’t too affected by being miles away from a routine meaning naptime and bedtime are flexible to where ever the day takes us.


A small bin of trains and cars was enough to keep him busy in a somewhat cramped hotel room.  And he’s so fun.  Everything is new and interesting and exciting and it was just a joy getting to experience it all through him away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  It was only a bonus that he didn’t seem too interested in putting the sand in his mouth.

What's going on?

This is different.

We played hard at both the beach and the pool the rest of the trip and just enjoyed each other and every moment of these last precious months as a family of three.  We knew that we had picked the perfect vacation length when on the morning of the day we were leaving, Aiden was falling asleep on me in the pool while going “bouncy, bouncy”.

"All done" were I think his exact words.

St. Pete Vacation – Part 1

May 27, 2011

We recently took a much needed family beach vacation to St. Pete, FL.  We left on a Friday morning and arrived in St. Pete early afternoon.  The drive was the only thing I was dreading, but it actually wasn’t  that bad at all.  Long, but tolerable thanks yet again to Sesame Street.  Once we arrived at our hotel and got settled in the room, we threw on our bathing suits and spent the rest of the day at the pool where we got lots of excited looks from Aiden.  It’s one of our favorite looks.



This was a little to no nap day so I’m pretty sure Drunk Aiden (Aiden’s  silly alter-ego that comes out when Aiden gets tired)   made an appearance out at dinner that night when Dan took this picture…of Aiden lying in a flower bed.


We spent the first full day of our vacation in Lakeland, FL with Dan’s mom and stepdad (Grandma and Grandpa Rick) and their newly completed tiny house.  We were met there by Alex from Tiny House Talk and his lovely fiancé Andrea. For those of you not aware of this little project that Dan took on for his mom, you can read all about it on Dan’s blog.  You can see more pictures of the finished product in his latest post and Alex put together a nice little video on his blog about it too.



I must say that while I wasn’t ever opposed to the idea of tiny living, I was genuinely in awe of what Dan and his mom had created.  It was really awesome to see the practicality of such a tiny space that all of a sudden the prospect of the Louche tiny vacation home that Dan has recently started designing is really exciting.  So exciting in fact that against my better judgment I  may have given him the green light to spend two weeks in Florida building it with his dad and brother sometime in the next month…while I’m back home with Aiden…8 months pregnant.  But on the bright side he should be able to knock it out and be all out of excuses by the time Super Fly gets here.

On the way back to our hotel after dinner that night we stopped for gas completely coincidentally at the Dinosaur World exit that exists between Lakeland and St. Pete.  I treated this as if we were in front of the only Dinosaur World in the world while Dan wasn’t nearly as enthusiastic.  The picture came out pretty crappy.


The first time that we stopped for gas after this was 3 days later when we were half way back to Atlanta.  When I went to get Aiden out of his car seat, he looked up at me expectantly and said “saur?”.  I couldn’t believe he remembered.  Apparently T-Rex made an impression. But I let him down easy by telling him he was going to have to settle for Dairy Queen instead.


May 27, 2011

What is it about grandparents? 

I have recently been twice amazed  by the relationship that exists between Aiden and our parents.

As mentioned in the previous post, we spent a day with Grandma and Grandpa Rick in Lakeland on our recent family vacation.  Aiden doesn’t get to see them as often as I’m sure everybody involved would like, but we weren’t there ten minutes before Aiden was already calling out “Rick” and “Grandma” just needing to know where they were at all times.  Like he sees them everyday.  You can hear it early on in Alex’s video that was shot that day.

And *every single time* Aiden hears the door alarm sound when someone comes in or goes out of our house (usually daddy), he stops what he’s doing, looks at me and whispers “Paw Paw”.  It doesn’t matter how long it’s been since he’s seen him or what we’re doing.

Whatever it is, it’s pretty magical.

Tybee: Round 1 of 2…Hopefully…

April 27, 2011

At the beginning of April, most of my immediate family (sorry Jimmy) took a road trip to Tybee Island to get a feel for where my sister is getting married on August 6th. 

The happy couple

As I’m the maid of honor  in said wedding, I’m desperately holding onto hope that this won’t be my little family’s last trip there this year considering I’m due to have a baby on August 16th, but I have a feeling we won’t know for sure until the day arrives.  The good news is that we’ve found a nice dress that will work for me whether nearly there pregnant or postpartum: Coda Wrap Dress. Hard to believe, I know, but you can find anything on Etsy.

Anyhow, we rushed summer a bit as it was still a little cold for the beach, but we did get a good half day in.  Aiden loved the water even though it was fra-eezing.

A look of happy shock  Loves, loves, loves his Paw Paw 

Nama and Paw Paw 


A boy and his bucket 

I just like this one

The rest of the time we got to hang around our wonderfully disgusting hotel room where we quickly learned not to walk without shoes.

 Hotel room shenanigans

And in the name of rehearsal dinner research, we also ate a lot of delicious food.  There were basically no worries though because Aiden was just wonderfully thrilled to have everyone together.

Show me angry 
Doesn’t he look thrilled here?

Show me happy 
Ok that’s better.

As a little added bonus to the vacation, we walked away with a series of these pictures, all with one thing in common. 

Baby Hitler

Here’s part of the discussion I had with Dan on picking which to use:

Me: “Help me pick which picture makes him look most like baby Hitler.”

Dan: “Well you can eliminate all of those because he’s smiling.”

Me: “You don’t think baby Hitler smiled?”