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15.5 Month Well Appt

November 18, 2010

15ish monthsI was half a month late getting him to the doctor so it only seems  appropriate that it took me over a month to post about it.  I’m not sure why I do posts on these stats, but I guess it’s good to be prepared in the event that Aiden ever asks how big he was when he was 15.5  month old.  I wonder if I’ll be this OCD about it with our second child.  Anyhow, this doctor’s appointment came immediately following the visits we made for his swollen eye so needless to say, he was none too thrilled to be back.  It made him extra clingy and I secretly enjoyed getting to comfort him with extra cuddles.

Height – 32 inches (50-75%)
Weight – 27 lbs 6 ozs (75-90%)
Head – 48.5 cm (75-90%)

Two things:

1) Aiden’s a big boy.  Solid really.  Some (like the doctor) would say that he’s bigger than 75-90% of babies his age.  And lots others would say this is CRAZY given the size  of his parents.  CRAZY I tell you.  A boy and his shopping cartBut  seriously if one more person says this to me my head might explode.  I know he’s big and that I’m small.  My teeny-tiny frame is the one that has to cart him around.  But I predict that he’s going to eventually shoot up in height and stretch out.  And then people will stop pointing out the paradox that is his  size.  And that will be glorious.  Only time will tell.

2) The sheet we got at this appointment said we could start using time-out to which I responded “YESSSSS!!!!”. We’ve been using it over the last few weeks and he seems to be getting it.   We’ve had some pretty funny moments with it actually that I will post about later.


Little Devil

October 16, 2010

A few days ago, Aiden woke up with a swollen eye which resulted in me staying home with him for a couple of days.  I can’t be sure, but I’m pretty sure he was trying to kill me in those two days. And then I found this picture that I took in the mirror at Target…

Playing dress-up in Target

Too cute, right?  Well what if we zoom in on Aiden…


Oh yeah…the kid definitely had it in for me. 

Also, I dressed him in his skeleton hoodie to head to the doctor, and between that and the swollen eye, when I looked back at him in his car seat all I could see was Johnny from Karate Kid (you know when him and his entourage dressed as skeletons while Daniel Son was a shower).  This picture was taken several hours later and just does not do it justice…probably because of his adorable, not in the least bit menacing look.


Btw, Aiden’s eye is now back to normal and he is doing great.

12-Month “Well” Visit

July 9, 2010

I took Aiden to the doctor today for his 12-month “well” visit.  I put well in quotes because I’ve come to learn that Aiden will undoubtedly be sick for all of his well visits.  Fortunately this time it still wasn’t his ears, but he’s got a cough and congestion that seems to be causing some wheezing.  He’s going on an inhaler for the first time until the wheezing clears up, but at least there was no need for antibiotics (or one of those breathing machines).

Otherwise the doctor’s visit went as good as can be expected.  He’s definitely learned that no good can come from laying down on the doctor’s table so he got extra whiny and clingy the three times they laid him back even though only one of them resulted in shots.  When I grabbed his hands on that particular time, the crying commenced Pre-shotsbefore the needle even touched his leg.  Aside from that he was a perfectly happy baby.  Here he was moments before the hysteria playing ball with mommy…just laughing up a storm.

Developmentally he’s right on target for his age (even though he refuses to wave bye-bye or point).  She was impressed that he would shake his head no which of course had me beaming.  He’s so heavy to carry around, but he’s not breaking any records and looks to be rather proportional which is always good: weight – 23 lbs (50-75%), height – 30.5 in (75%), and head circumference – 47.5 cm (75%).

Mother of the Year

January 8, 2010

Well 2010 just started and I’m already out of the running for Mother of the Year.  I braved icy roads to take Aiden to his 6 month well visit this morning only to find out that he is not well at all.  Both of his ears are infected.  But kids get sick all the time, right?  Why would this incident alone take me out of the running?  Well first of all he’s been fighting a low-grade fever for the last 36 hours or so which I casually passed off as teething troubles.  And second, these little exchanges that I’ve been having with him for the last week or so keep running through my head.

::flashback begins::

Aiden starts rubbing his ear.

Me: “Did you find your ear?  That’s your ear.  Hey look Dan, Aiden found his ear.  He’s so smart".”

Aiden keeps insisting with the ear, at one point scratching the inside up with his talons nails, leaving scabs.

Me: “You better be nice to that ear.  It’s the only one you’re going to get.”

::flashback ends::

Dammit.  I’m a horrible mother.  I can just hear his “Look Who’s Talking” inner dialog now:

Aiden: “If this is the only one I’m going to get, we better go to the doctor and get some medicine woman!”

Help me...

In all honesty, the ear thing never even occurred to me until after the fact and knowing that I had a doctor’s appointment on the immediate horizon, I figured we could discuss the fever thing then.  At best I would have gone in only one day earlier.  Hopefully I haven’t permanently damaged his hearing for life.

So while he wasn’t able to get his shots due to the weakened state of his immune system, we were able to get some updated stats which is always a crowd pleaser.  Aiden is weighing in at 15 lbs 8 ozs (10-25th percentile) and measures 26 1/2 inches tall (50th percentile).  His head is still measuring in the 25-50th percentile which at six months means he’s likely avoided the dreaded big head baby  syndrome.  You know the one – where the babies head looks GIANT in respect the rest of their body.  I looked for a picture online, but I think people avoid posting pictures of their baby if they have it.  Or this is just one of Dan and I’s irrational fears that doesn’t really exist in the world.

I know this is getting long, but on a somewhat related note, I would just like to say that I hate – HATE – daycare.  Before we went back to work, I had this little exchange with Dan after Aiden was pretty much 100% well from my week off.

Me: “How many days do you think it will take Aiden to get sick when he goes back to daycare?”

Dan: “Days?  You mean hours?”

Dammit.  He hit it on the head.  But it was actually 2 days.  I hate daycare.

Shortly after I finished writing this, Dan put himself out of the running for Father of the Year =)

Novel Weekend Novel

November 19, 2009

This past weekend was filled with awesomeness, however, true to form, I have very little photographic evidence to prove it.  We did manage to take some pictures on Sunday, so if you’re not interested in every little detail of my eventful weekend (or doctor rants), please scroll down.

Aiden had his four month well visit to a NEW doctor this past Friday.  I had been contemplating a doctor switch from the beginning since our original doctor liked to talk to us with the same inflection and enthusiasm she used with the children which I hate.  I’m an adult and Aiden is a child.  Adjust your voice accordingly when you’re addressing us.  It’s not hard.  Anyhow, I was finally pushed over the edge when a family emergency caused the doctor to cancel the appointment that I actually had enough foresight to make so that it would fall around his four month birthday.  When I called back to reschedule the following day, they didn’t have anything for a month.  This was unacceptable so we moved to a new doctor literally ten steps away from them.  I’m happy to report that I liked this new doctor much better.  She is delightfully drab and to the point…exactly what I want in a medical professional.  Aiden also flashed her several award winning smiles which I also took as a good sign.

Aiden weighed in at 13 lbs 5ozs (10-25th percentile) and 25 1/4 inches (75th percentile).  Still tall and skinny.  He got three shots and cried a little longer this time than last, but still not too bad.  A good part of the appointment was spent coaching us on how to start introducing solids to Aiden.  I was a very eager student, excited about the prospect of finally being able to appease all those folks that have said to give him rice cereal from the beginning (hi mom! =).  Since I’m running a little behind on posting, I will say that we have since given it a try and it was as awesome as I’d hoped.  Stay tuned.

So doctor’s appointment was good, and because it’s impossible to spend any less than an hour and a half there, no matter how routine the visit,  we missed our Friday mommy/baby class which always disappoints me (and Aiden I’m sure).  Thankfully my friend Alexis (with baby Maya) made up for it by hosting an amazing play date, our first ever.  Now this would be a great place for a picture of the four babies playing together or just co-existing in the same room, but like I said, I suck.  Fortunately this does give me motivation to do it again.  Not that I would need motivation because it was really quite lovely spending the afternoon snacking and getting to know other moms while Aiden got his play on.  Thanks again Alexis and Maya!

Saturday night I got a chance to go out with my teacher friends who I’ve missed dearly.  They are a fun group (the best cohort on earth some would say), and I had a blast hearing all of their teacher stories (even if I didn’t have any new ones to add) and singing karaoke with them.  I personally didn’t take any pictures, but I know several were taken.  Once they are posted on Facebook, I’ll add them here.  For now this is all I got (thanks Adrienne!).

Best Cohort Ever 

Of course me being gone all night, meant that Dan had babysitting duties.  This was the first time that Dan flew solo on getting Aiden through his nighttime routine.  He also got to handle the 12:30am wakeup call, which is an unusual time for Aiden to be up (I think he must have missed me).  But Dan did great and was a wonderful sport about the whole thing, and I really appreciated the opportunity to go out.  The next morning Dan said the experience reminded him of the first time he watched Callea overnight for me.  I’m happy yet slightly disappointed he didn’t think to do this with the baby ;)

Bad Daddy 

Which brings us to Sunday.  We had a pleasant little visit from the grandparents, took a lovely little walk in the glorious fall weather with Aiden sitting in the stroller like a big boy (no infant carrier), and took some great pictures.  Without further ado.

Yay For Fall  Hi Nama Airplane in the Leaves

Drool Machine Leaves!

Mom and DadMmmm I Will Eat You...   SONY DSC

Do I Have Something In My Eye?

October 30, 2009

Yesterday I got a call from Aiden’s daycare while I was at work  informing me that his eyes were leaking green stuff.  He was fine that morning, but apparently throughout the day the leakage appeared and then worsened. They told me it could be pink eye, but they weren’t sure.  It was also a possibility that his tear ducts might have gotten clogged as we’ve had trouble with eye crusties before.  I made him a doctor’s appointment on the way to pick him up.

IMG_1630Turns out that it’s pink eye even though he has no actual pinkness in his eye.  Everything else checked out – no ear problems which is a common side effect of pink eye apparently.  He was prescribed some drops that we have to put in his eyes 4 times daily.    He’s contagious for 24 hours so we’re skipping our Friday mom and baby workout class.  We’re not sure how he got it, but it’s entirely possible that he picked it up at daycare.  Hopefully he didn’t pass it along to anyone else.  I think I’ve done exceptionally well at remaining calm (it’s just pink eye after all) and the guilt is as little as it could be given the THREE people between the doctors office and pharmacy alone that gave me sympathetic “he’s so young to have pink eye” looks. 

On the bright side of pink eye (there’s always a silver lining), it’s taught me something about my little man.  Last night we were prepared for the worst as we geared up for the first round of drops.  Nobody likes getting drops in their eyes so we figured he’d protest as soon as the horror ensued.  But guess what.  He just let us do it without a peep.  I mean sure, he wiggled a little bit, but not a single whine or break in spirit.  And then it happened again this morning.  So it looks like we have a tough little guy on our hands…a trooper really.  We’ve always wondered why he unflinchingly tolerated us accidentally, yet repeatedly spraying him in the face while rinsing during bath time.  Now we know.

In other news, Dan managed to fall off a ladder today while working on his Tiny House Project.  When I pulled up he was limping around the driveway.  If I’d come home two minutes earlier he would have been face down on the trailer, and I would have freaked out.  Luckily he’s okay, but he’s opting to return the cheapest ladder he could find.  I thought that sounded like a fantastic idea.

Two Month Check-Up…

September 25, 2009

…a mere three weeks late.  Aiden now weighs in at 11 pounds 13 ounces and is a whopping 2 feet (24 inches) tall.  He’s still in the 90th percentile for height but has jumped up to the 50th percentile for weight.  He got a couple shots today, and he took them like a champ.  I have a feeling that daddy is going to be the one that gives him shot anxiety as he gets older.  Dan definitely gets uneasy when the needles appear.

In other news Aiden finally managed to get a hold of Mr. Octopus all by himself.  He’s been staring and batting at it for weeks and finally just reached up and grabbed it.  I was so proud. 

I got it!

The activity mat that you see him lying on has been the best investment.  He loves it.

6 Weeks

August 12, 2009

Aiden is six weeks old today and we celebrated by visiting the doctor – both mine and his.  Aiden had his 1 month checkup and he now weighs 8 lbs 10 oz and is 22 5/8 inches long.  His weight falls into the 25-50th percentile while his height falls into the 90th percentile!  Looks like our lil’ man is going to be built like daddy – long and lean.

I had my 6 week post-natal visit and everything checked out.  The highlight of the visit was that I weighed in at a mere 10 pounds heavier than when I got pregnant.  Woohoo!  Hopefully soon I’ll be able to get into some of my jeans.  On a related note, I’m feeling nearly 100% recovered from the surgery.  I still have some tenderness around the scar, but I can sneeze and laugh now without feeling like my guts are going to bust out.  I just wanted to make a note of this so I remember next time around how long it took before I felt normal.