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December 2, 2011

We’re not dead.  We’re just lazy.  You might think my absence from the blog has been due to all of these awesome things we’ve been up to that you figured you’d be reading about soon enough.  Well if by awesome you mean staying in our pajamas until 3pm on most non-work days, then you’d be right. 

Simply put, I blame work.  In the first few months after Emily’s arrival, we were able to forge ahead and pretend like nothing was different (with the exception of that baby strapped to my chest everywhere we went), and we somewhat successfully went about our busy lives.  But I’ve since gone back to work part-time (save the pity looks…I’m not all that sad about it), and we’ve just discovered things are a whole lot easier if we never leave the house unless it’s absolutely necessary…like our house is on fire.  It’s just easier to stay home when you’re juggling two nap schedules and a baby that eats constantly and when you yourself are starving for 5 minutes of free time that doesn’t involve  laundry or dishes (although we do find ourselves fighting over who gets to do the dishes lately because while it’s not free time per se, there’s no repeating yourself a million times or counting to three or time outs or crying for no apparent reason…there’s no talking at all actually…so yeah, we’re calling shot gun on the dishes around here).

The current state of affairs has also had a negative effect on our picture taking too unfortunately.   We’ve been reduced to relying on our phones to capture the memories, and sadly, this makes for very blurry memories.  It’s so true what they say about baby number 2 and how they get shafted…at least initially.  She’s starting to giggle and we’ve not successfully captured it yet.  Awe well, I’m hoping this is just a short phase.

Our Thanksgiving was great.  My mom cooked (for four days), and we ate over at their house.  Everything was delicious.  Not a single picture was taken so you’ll just have to believe me when I say there was not a lack of things to be thankful for.

So yeah, that’s the last month or so.  Tomorrow’s Saturday so I imagine they’ll be a whole lot of this.


Life could be way worse.


We Can So Relate

September 18, 2011

On August 3rd Dan sent me a link to this video because he thought this guy was funny (WARNING: beware of foul language).

On August 14th, he shot this video of Aiden.

On September 17th, I shot this video of Emily.

I don’t think this requires any explanation, but I will say that I’m glad that we got that video of Aiden when we did because we started off thinking that pointing behavior was hilarious, but we’ve since had to parent it away.  Instead of egging him on like I was in the video it goes something like “don’t talk back to me Aiden”.

Here At The Zoo

September 13, 2011

Me: “Do you know why you’re in timeout?”

Aiden (crying): “Yeeess”

Me: “Why?”

Aiden (cry talking): “Because I hit daddy in the balls.”




And you thought I was talking about an actual zoo…

Home, Sweet Home

August 28, 2011

IMG_0700  IMG_0708

Emily came home this past Monday and we’ve spent the last week get acquainted with her.  She’s not different from what I remember from her brother.  Three modes: asleep, awake and eating, and awake and angry.  Seriously, the girl spends maybe 10 minutes a day awake and chill. 


The big difference this time around is that both Dan and I look at her in the middle of her worst fussy time and wonder why we thought it was so hard with Aiden.  She’s so little and harmless.  Maybe it’s because she’s only adding to the craziness instead of being the sole cause of it.  Her cry doesn’t have nearly the physiological affect on me that Aiden’s did (although it does still wear on me after a while). I don’t want to speak too soon, but we might be able to get through the next few months without the yoga ball and vacuum cleaner.  (After last night, I considered removing the last sentence, but I MUST STAY STRONG.)  I did knit her up some mittens to at least keep her from clawing her eyes out while she’s wailing.

Friday was the first day that I kept both kids home by myself for the day.  I know I don’t want to take Aiden out of school completely during my maternity leave because he likes it, and I think it’s important for him to have that outlet for his energy a few days a week.  But I wanted to get a taste of how it’s going to be and exactly how many days I think I can handle both during the week. 

It actually wasn’t that bad, largely in part to the amount that Emily sleeps.  The only times that it got a little crazy were when I had to feed her and was somewhat chained to the couch for 30 minutes.  The boy can do a lot of damage in 30 minutes including a full thing of yogurt hitting the rug and several 20 minute hand washing sessions.  He thinks he’s fooling me by closing every door between me and the bathroom, but I know exactly what’s going on in there.  There were (only?) 2 times that I sent him into the backyard with the promise that I would be right there.  It’s fenced in and there’s nothing he can break back there.  Plus I was *right* behind him.  I finally realized feeding was a great time to get the iPad out because I was able to participate with him while Emily ate.

But I definitely did see potential for things getting pretty hairy.  We’ll just have to work on it, and I think getting more sleep as Emily gets older will obviously help with my patience and problem solving.

I took this picture of Emily to get her wearing the little mittens I knit up and realized that it also showcases the faux-mohawk quite nicely.


So I got out the hat that I knit her (same as above) while sitting with her in the NICU and took some more pictures.  I vow that the next think I knit for her will not be pink and will not include lace but I couldn’t resist this hat.


The hat pattern is here (rav) and the mittens here.  I modified the mitten pattern, adding an eyelet row because newborn mittens without ties are useless.  Plus it makes them match the hat for a little cuteness overload.  I never thought I’d see the day when I thought adding ribbon to knitting would be cute.

When the Cat’s Away…

June 22, 2011

…the pregnant wife will take it upon herself to buy a few things that she’s had her eye on.  First, a water table.





I don’t think he’s supposed to sit in it, and I’m pretty sure that standing up in it, drinking the water that was shared with the dog should be frowned upon, but I was taking those pictures while semi-relaxing on the back porch for about an hour so I’m going to go with money well spent.

Then there’s this.


Now if only I had the time or energy to try it out.  It will probably be saved for vacation next week.


June 3, 2011

On your mark.


Get set.




Aiden’s not really a big fan of the sprinkler yet.  I can’t imagine why not.  We’ve been working through similar issues with slides.


Kitchen Table Talk

March 7, 2011

Ok, so I wrote this a long time ago, only I never posted it because I was afraid that the person I was referring to in the post might stumble upon it and take offense.  But every now and again I pull it up, and I laugh every single time, so I just can’t let it go.  So girl whom shall remain nameless, if you’re reading this, I mean you and goop no disrespect.  I actually applaud you for inspiring such scintillating conversation in my home.

Me: “I met this girl that calls her baby “goop” which just sounds gross to me.  Although I guess I often call Aiden “booger” which probably sounds gross to some.”

Dan: “Yeah…it’s really just a matter of perception.  There’s probably someone out there that calls their baby “spooge” that wouldn’t even blink at “goop”.

Me:  “True.”

Since this little talk over breakfast, Dan has referred to Aiden as “spooge” on two three several occasions.  Fantastic.

How I feel everytime I read this...

Guitar Hero Saturday

November 3, 2010

We hadn’t played in so long, but we see the love of music in Aiden so we wanted to see what happened when we rocked out with him one Saturday morning.  He did not disappoint!

Come Inside

October 5, 2010

Aiden’s first fort compliments of daddy.  What you can’t see in these pictures is me behind the couch coaxing him to come inside.




Oh, and that’s what she said.