Sweet Pea McGee – 8 Months

Dear Ems,

Hey girl, whatcha doing?  (See:  New Girl)  You’re eight months old today…already…*sniff*.  And while my blog updates and about you have been few and far between, I’m writing this today to let you know that it’s not so bad being the second child.  In my estimation, it’s better in a lot of ways.  I think back to when your brother was your size.  I wanted him to walk and talk and stop being so needy.  I was constantly comparing him to other kids his age, making sure that he was crushing the competition keeping up.  When he woke up at 5am for no apparent reason, your dad and I would be so tired and frustrated and it would be all about getting to naptime.


But not with you, my friend.  We’ve adjusted to living like zombies, so when you wake up early, we bring you down and we talk to you and we cuddle you and we get as many smiles as we can.  We adore that time with you.  We adore you.  We know it won’t be long until you’re too busy to just sit happily in our presence.  It truly is the magic of babies (who are older than 5 months).  A magic I didn’t fully appreciate until you came along.


And then there’s Aiden, your brother, a person you wouldn’t know if it wasn’t for the whole second child thing. Well baby girl, let it be known that you have a friend in him.  He adores you too.  He talks to you in a special baby voice (“Helloo little guurrll”), and I think he just generally wants to be around you.  You light up when you see him.  I hope it never changes.  I saw his first big brother act not too long back when at a friend’s house another little boy took away the book you were looking at/eating. Aiden rushed over, took the book from the boy and said “No.  That’s Emily’s book.” 



No can make you laugh like that brother of yours either.  In fact, generally speaking, you are a pretty tough crowd when it comes to laughter clearly being too pretty and smart to giggle at the ridiculousness going on around you.  And it’s not for a lack of trying on our parts, trust me.  Not when it comes to Aiden though.  He can always make you laugh and man it’s a sweet sound.


So there you have it sweet pea mcgee.  Being the second child is where it’s at.  And let me just say that what you lack in laughter, you more than make up for in tenacity.  Just ask that full margarita that you managed to get a hold of the other night at dinner or the flowers on our kitchen island…all totally out of your reach.


Now tell me, who’s that girl? Who’s that girl? It’s Ems!


Love you baby girl,




4 months (12/19/11)///6 months (3/2/12)

Height: 24in (25-50%)///26in (50-75%)

Weight: 12lbs 7oz (10-25%)///15lbs 15oz (25-50%)

Head Circumference: 40 (25-50%)///43.5 (75-90%)


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