Onesie Baby Shower Invites

My sister is having a baby girl in July, and I’m throwing her a baby shower in OMG LESS THAN A MONTH!?!

First order of baby shower business was the invites. I wasn’t sure if I wanted them to set the stage for the theme of the party or be completely unrelated (and I’m still not sure), but when I saw these onesie baby shower invites, I thought 1) those are adorable and 2) I can make them – a deadly combination. So I made them using this tutorial (and I only wanted to slit my wrists once*).


I’m not a papercrafter, but it was the cuteness that kept me going. I’d finish one and be like “aww” and then make another. Needless to say, I was happy with the way they turned out to the point that I literally had a hard time dropping them in the mailbox. At some point I actually considered advertising another raffle for anyone that returned their invite to me unharmed. But that would be crazy…


Let it be known that my craft supplies are reaching critical mass as the only thing I had to buy to make these was a scalloped craft punch and a circle craft punch and the decorative stickers. I even had the stamp supplies to do the stamping on those with words. What you didn’t know I stamp stuff? Yeah me neither, but I had the supplies. I think the stamped ones are my favorite actually.


24 baby shower invitations. Each as unique as the people that received them…as unique as my new niece is going to be. Yay!

*The only advice I have when using the tutorial is to make sure that your left and right margins are set to zero because if not, when you cut the sheet in half, the words will not be centered. And then you will
trim a little off of each side to make it even. And then when you punch out the neck and leg holes…on all 24 invitations…without looking inside one to make sure there’s nothing afoot…you’ll be lucky if you aren’t clipping words and setting yourself up for doing 24 more. Just sayin’.


One Response to “Onesie Baby Shower Invites”

  1. Karen Dawson Says:

    Those are the most adorable invites I have ever seen! You are one crafty lady :). I love all the pictures of your precious family too!

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