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Fully Trained

December 6, 2011

Based on my last post, you might think we’ve completely wasted the last couple months, but that’s not true at all.  Quite the opposite actually as we used the time around the house to get serious about potty training.  And it’s official: Aiden is fully trained!!  Yay! 


Two things have led up to us figuring it’s a done deal. 1) He tells us now when he has to go (even poop) and 2) he’s used the bathroom in the night…without our help.


Everyone keeps telling me that I’m pretty lucky to have a 29 month old BOY that’s doing so well at this and when they ask me how we went about it, only one word comes to mind:  SHAME.

That’s right, we (and by we I mostly mean Dan who very impressively took the lead on this endeavor and made us stick to it) shamed him every time he peed or pooped in his pants.  Some of the more commonly used phrases in the face of an accident: "Why wouldn’t you tell us you have to go?",  "What were you thinking?", "I can’t believe you peed on Super Why/Pig.", "Only babies pee their pants.", "We’re so disappointed in you.", "Sit on the potty or you’re going to time out.  Better yet, we’re taking the potty to time out and you’ll sit on it there."


I’m exaggerating only a tiny bit on that last one, but you get the idea.  We didn’t rub his nose in it a-la dog-training style, but we let him know we weren’t okay with it either.  I’ll admit that I was not always super comfortable with this method because I didn’t want to give him a complex and they say they’ll train when they’re ready, yadda-yadda.  But Dan stuck to it saying that there is very little that the boy will not do without a fight (which was always the argument that got me), and I’ll be damned if it didn’t seem to work with little consequence (at least that we know of at this point).

Seriously though, way more than there was shame, there was positive reinforcement.  A lot of "good job Aiden" (to the point that he now tells us good job when we go which is great encouragement) and "we’re so proud of you Aiden" and "pee-pee in the potty” dances and high-fives and fruit snacks.  There were also a few weeks of a lot of really disgusting laundry that thankfully cloth diapers prepared me for a bit.  But it didn’t work at all until we made the commitment to throw away the diapers and the pull-ups even at sleep times.  After a naked weekend or two demonstrated to us that he knew when he was doing and could hold it for the most part until he got to the potty, we decided it was time to go all in even despite some hesitation from the school on his readiness.  It took just shy of two months to get here and hopefully we’re here for good.  Good job Aiden!




December 2, 2011

We’re not dead.  We’re just lazy.  You might think my absence from the blog has been due to all of these awesome things we’ve been up to that you figured you’d be reading about soon enough.  Well if by awesome you mean staying in our pajamas until 3pm on most non-work days, then you’d be right. 

Simply put, I blame work.  In the first few months after Emily’s arrival, we were able to forge ahead and pretend like nothing was different (with the exception of that baby strapped to my chest everywhere we went), and we somewhat successfully went about our busy lives.  But I’ve since gone back to work part-time (save the pity looks…I’m not all that sad about it), and we’ve just discovered things are a whole lot easier if we never leave the house unless it’s absolutely necessary…like our house is on fire.  It’s just easier to stay home when you’re juggling two nap schedules and a baby that eats constantly and when you yourself are starving for 5 minutes of free time that doesn’t involve  laundry or dishes (although we do find ourselves fighting over who gets to do the dishes lately because while it’s not free time per se, there’s no repeating yourself a million times or counting to three or time outs or crying for no apparent reason…there’s no talking at all actually…so yeah, we’re calling shot gun on the dishes around here).

The current state of affairs has also had a negative effect on our picture taking too unfortunately.   We’ve been reduced to relying on our phones to capture the memories, and sadly, this makes for very blurry memories.  It’s so true what they say about baby number 2 and how they get shafted…at least initially.  She’s starting to giggle and we’ve not successfully captured it yet.  Awe well, I’m hoping this is just a short phase.

Our Thanksgiving was great.  My mom cooked (for four days), and we ate over at their house.  Everything was delicious.  Not a single picture was taken so you’ll just have to believe me when I say there was not a lack of things to be thankful for.

So yeah, that’s the last month or so.  Tomorrow’s Saturday so I imagine they’ll be a whole lot of this.


Life could be way worse.