Emily’s Birth Story

I started typing this out shortly after her birth, but I lost steam and it somehow fell off my plate.  Well now nature (that evil mistress that makes you forget things you should remember so as to never make those mistakes again) has already started to work it’s magic and some of the details are slipping away.  The good news is that all-in-all, Emily’s birth was somewhat textbook so a lot of the details aren’t all that important to the story.  Thanks to the epidural which will now henceforth be referred to as the nectar of the gods, I actually remember thinking that it was kind of an awesome, beautiful experience.  So join me as I attempt to finish what I started.

The day is August 16th – Emily’s due date.

11 AM: We arrived at the hospital.  We had never been to North Fulton because we didn’t anticipate delivering there (an induced VBAC prompted the last minute switch).


11:15: In the delivery room Dan shows me what to expect before I get changed into my robe (and these will be the last of the pictures to preserve what little modesty I have left)




Between here and when the doctor comes in, the nurse gives me an IV and gets me all hooked up to the monitor.  She asks me if I intend to partake in the nectar of the gods to which I respond “no”.  She says that she likes to go ahead and order it anyways just in case the patient decides to change their mind just so they don’t have to wait.  I agree that’s probably for the best since my desire to not partake was purely out of curiosity (masochistic much?).  I had not prepared mentally on any level to give birth naturally.

12:30 – The doctor breaks my water.  At this point I was 2-3cm dilated.

2:30 – Contractions start coming pretty consistently so Dan, my mom and myself take a walk around the hospital to help things progress.  About 5 minutes into the walk, I feel like I’m going to throw up.  I run to the nearest bathroom while Dan scrambles for something for me to use as a barf bag.  I make it to the bathroom but don’t throw up.  We head back to the room.

4:00 – My sister shows up with Aiden – a plan that was made when we were sure that the baby would certainly have been there by the time she got off work.  But Emily hadn’t arrived yet and I was in a LOT of pain.  Contractions were coming every couple minutes and I wasn’t handling it well.  Oh sure, I was breathing through them but I was not in a good place.  Super glad that Aiden got to see a little bit of me writhing in pain.  They left shortly after because it turns out a 2 year old is the exact opposite of what you want around in that condition.

5:00 – Midwife stops Dan in the hall and tells him to take me for a walk…for an HOUR or so (a detail that he fails to mention until we’re half way down the hall).  I stop not 100 feet from the delivery room and talk it out with Dan and ultimately decide I want to suckle from the teat of the gods.

6:00 – Nectar arrives.  Doctor checks my progress at this point. This was a pivotal moment for me because if they’d said I was 7cm, I would have been disappointed I had made it so far only to back out now.  But they didn’t.  I was only 4cm!?!  To which I said bring on the drugs.

7:30 – The last hour and a half were significantly better than the previous 3-4, but the nurse was concerned that I was still aware of and having to breath through the contractions.  She calls the anesthesiologist back.

7:45 – The doctor decides to redo the epidural which while not something I would wish for twice in one day, I’m deeming totally worth it.  I didn’t feel anything once he got that thing in there right.  I spent the remaining time questioning why anyone would choose to have a baby naturally when we have modern medicine.

9:30 – The midwife comes in for a random progress check and wouldn’t you know it – 10cm!!  She wants me to start pushing right then, so she dimmed the lights and that’s just what we did.  She determines I have enough control over my pushing muscles to keep the drip going (if ever there was a reason to get your muscles in check) and we do the thing – mom holding one leg, midwife holding the other.

A brief word on my midwife.  Her name is Diane Tandy and she is amazing!  I knew I’d have to find a midwife after having a c-section with Aiden to even have the option of a VBAC and I was lucky to have found her. She was just so encouraging and knowledgeable and fun through the whole process and I genuinely credit her for the positive feelings I took away from the delivery.  Her practice is Gifts From Grace so if you’re in the Johns Creek/Alpharetta/Roswell area, everyone there is wonderful.

9:45 – Nurse comes in, completely shocked that we’ve started…without her…which I thought was funny.

10:00 – Sometime around here they wheeled in a mirror so I could see how I was doing.  I didn’t want it at first (and I’m pretty sure Dan who was standing safely by my head could have done without), but then I couldn’t look away and was really encouraged by seeing the fruits of my pushes.

I pushed for an hour.  Emily finally decided to show at 10:29PM.  They plopped her down right on my belly and Dan cut the cord.


And then I got to hold her.


Very different from the c-section experience.  In the moment, it went quick and I honestly didn’t feel a thing.  The next day though I ached like I had the workout of my life…which I guess I had.


One Response to “Emily’s Birth Story”

  1. kltruhn Says:

    your story is amazing. I couldn’t be there, but your words made me feel so much a part of your experience. only a baby can make us truly understand the meaning of love at first sight….how else can we explain meeting someone for the first time who has no teeth, frequently no hair and precious little personality and yet instantly fall madly in love.

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