We Can So Relate

On August 3rd Dan sent me a link to this video because he thought this guy was funny (WARNING: beware of foul language).

On August 14th, he shot this video of Aiden.

On September 17th, I shot this video of Emily.

I don’t think this requires any explanation, but I will say that I’m glad that we got that video of Aiden when we did because we started off thinking that pointing behavior was hilarious, but we’ve since had to parent it away.  Instead of egging him on like I was in the video it goes something like “don’t talk back to me Aiden”.


2 Responses to “We Can So Relate”

  1. Ayana Says:

    LOL!!!! Super funny.

  2. Linda Gardner Says:

    OMG. The Louche’s keep me LMAO!! Keep it up.

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