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We Can So Relate

September 18, 2011

On August 3rd Dan sent me a link to this video because he thought this guy was funny (WARNING: beware of foul language).

On August 14th, he shot this video of Aiden.

On September 17th, I shot this video of Emily.

I don’t think this requires any explanation, but I will say that I’m glad that we got that video of Aiden when we did because we started off thinking that pointing behavior was hilarious, but we’ve since had to parent it away.  Instead of egging him on like I was in the video it goes something like “don’t talk back to me Aiden”.


One Month

September 17, 2011

Emily is a month old already.  Despite all the  newborn shenanigans, it’s crazy hard to believe that it’s already been a month. 


Seriously though, she isn’t a bad baby, and I have a lot more confidence with her than I had with Aiden.  If anything I have a tendency to get impatient with her because I know exactly the routine I want to get her in even if it’s still a work in progress.  I often have to tell myself to just go with flow and remind myself that she’s only a month old.


She’s a good sleeper.  I already get 4-5 hours straight at night so can’t complain there.  She cries, but not as much as her brother did from what I can remember.  It’s just that when she does get to crying, she has a tendency of getting all drama queen on me.  I feel like her world is coming to an end and thus my world is coming to an end and that’s when I can actually feel myself getting older.


Her brother loves her.  Can’t get enough.  Wants to eat her face and then lay on top of her and smother her to death which I’m pretty sure is what he’d do if I wasn’t there to run interference.  Sometimes I hurt his feelings when I tell him to be careful which hurts my feelings because I know he means well.  His favorite things to say in regards to her are “Emily!  No crying!” for obvious reasons and “I want my Emily” or “lay down Emily" when he wants to hold her. 



He reads to her too.  She almost never has both socks on.


Being the second, I feel like she’s not getting nearly as much camera time as Aiden. Before her first real bath (which she liked surprisingly), I asked Dan if he was going to get the camera to take some pictures and he just looked at me beat down and was like “I guess”. Very different in that respect but I’m trying to make a conscious effort until we find our groove.

Check out her Freddy Kruegar hand.


Overall, I think it’s fair to say that the newborn phase just isn’t for me.  Reliving it is definitely proof that you forget what it’s like as soon as they grow out of it.  However, I am forcing myself to forget about my to-do list (and stop mindlessly adding crap to it) so I can enjoy the ride more – a feeling I know I had to come to terms with after Aiden came along. 


Here’s to more of this in the months to come.

And for fun here is Aiden’s 1 month post.  They are definitely related.

3 week stats:

Weight – 8lbs 10oz (50-75%)

Height – 21 inches (75%)

Head Circumference – 30.5 cm (75%)

Here At The Zoo

September 13, 2011

Me: “Do you know why you’re in timeout?”

Aiden (crying): “Yeeess”

Me: “Why?”

Aiden (cry talking): “Because I hit daddy in the balls.”




And you thought I was talking about an actual zoo…

Panty Necklace

September 6, 2011

I decided that my post-baby body needed a couple new pairs of panties to help get me through.  My only mistake was bringing Aiden along with me to shop.