Home, Sweet Home

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Emily came home this past Monday and we’ve spent the last week get acquainted with her.  She’s not different from what I remember from her brother.  Three modes: asleep, awake and eating, and awake and angry.  Seriously, the girl spends maybe 10 minutes a day awake and chill. 


The big difference this time around is that both Dan and I look at her in the middle of her worst fussy time and wonder why we thought it was so hard with Aiden.  She’s so little and harmless.  Maybe it’s because she’s only adding to the craziness instead of being the sole cause of it.  Her cry doesn’t have nearly the physiological affect on me that Aiden’s did (although it does still wear on me after a while). I don’t want to speak too soon, but we might be able to get through the next few months without the yoga ball and vacuum cleaner.  (After last night, I considered removing the last sentence, but I MUST STAY STRONG.)  I did knit her up some mittens to at least keep her from clawing her eyes out while she’s wailing.

Friday was the first day that I kept both kids home by myself for the day.  I know I don’t want to take Aiden out of school completely during my maternity leave because he likes it, and I think it’s important for him to have that outlet for his energy a few days a week.  But I wanted to get a taste of how it’s going to be and exactly how many days I think I can handle both during the week. 

It actually wasn’t that bad, largely in part to the amount that Emily sleeps.  The only times that it got a little crazy were when I had to feed her and was somewhat chained to the couch for 30 minutes.  The boy can do a lot of damage in 30 minutes including a full thing of yogurt hitting the rug and several 20 minute hand washing sessions.  He thinks he’s fooling me by closing every door between me and the bathroom, but I know exactly what’s going on in there.  There were (only?) 2 times that I sent him into the backyard with the promise that I would be right there.  It’s fenced in and there’s nothing he can break back there.  Plus I was *right* behind him.  I finally realized feeding was a great time to get the iPad out because I was able to participate with him while Emily ate.

But I definitely did see potential for things getting pretty hairy.  We’ll just have to work on it, and I think getting more sleep as Emily gets older will obviously help with my patience and problem solving.

I took this picture of Emily to get her wearing the little mittens I knit up and realized that it also showcases the faux-mohawk quite nicely.


So I got out the hat that I knit her (same as above) while sitting with her in the NICU and took some more pictures.  I vow that the next think I knit for her will not be pink and will not include lace but I couldn’t resist this hat.


The hat pattern is here (rav) and the mittens here.  I modified the mitten pattern, adding an eyelet row because newborn mittens without ties are useless.  Plus it makes them match the hat for a little cuteness overload.  I never thought I’d see the day when I thought adding ribbon to knitting would be cute.


One Response to “Home, Sweet Home”

  1. Ayana Says:

    Awwwww! How cute! I have been checking your blog to see when she got home. I am so glad she is finally there with you guys ;).

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