I Want To Touch Her Eyes

My mom brought Aiden up to the hospital to meet Emily the day after she was born.  I’m so glad she did considering he hasn’t been able to see her since.  We’ve talked about her a lot though.  I can’t wait for them to get better acquainted.


Love this video for 2 reasons:

1) The obvious…it’s the first sibling encounter.  You can hear the shakiness in my voice as I try to hold it together.


2) If you listen really closely, when my sister hands Aiden over you can hear him ask “I wanna hold you mommy”.  Love that boy.

We just got a call from the NICU this morning.  Baby sister’s coming home today!  Yay!


One Response to “I Want To Touch Her Eyes”

  1. Nama & Paw Paw Says:

    Aiden watched the video as he ate his lunch. Again Nama-Again!

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