Update on Emily

I was discharged from the hospital the Thursday afternoon after the delivery, however, Emily was not and still remains in the hospital on antibiotics.

The short story is that she was at risk for a blood infection based on us both having fevers post-delivery.  We were both treated with antibiotics immediately, and while the initial tests on Emily showed no infection, one test came back outrageously abnormal indicating that there was still a risk of her developing an infection if left untreated.  She has to receive antibiotics intravenously twice a day until the one test returns to normal or at least shows a consistent trend in the right direction which it started doing yesterday thankfully.


Other than this small hiccup, she is a perfectly normal and healthy baby.  While she was whisked away to the NICU about 30 minutes after being born to receive her first round of antibiotics, she spent most her first days in my recovery room.  The doctor has never seemed concerned that she wouldn’t be alright.  As he puts it, they often have to treat 20 babies to save the one that would actually develop the life-threatening blood infection.  We understand this, however, it was really weird and sad leaving the hospital without our baby.

As a side note, they had some difficulty getting the IV in the night she was born.  After giving up on her hand, they shaved a small patch of hair off her head on each side to try using the veins in her head.  When they couldn’t get it in there either, they just had to give her the first shot in the leg which I just choose not to think about.   The NICU nurse then returned her to me around 3:30am following the delivery.  I, for good reason, was dead asleep when she came in and only slightly awake when she told me they had shaved her head into not quite a mohawk, not quite a faux-hawk.  I’m sure she was pretty relieved  about delivering the news to me while I was so out of it and that the time of return was no accident ;) 



One Response to “Update on Emily”

  1. kathy Says:

    hair or no hair, Emily is indeed BEAUTIFUL!

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