We’re Gonna Miss This

Dear Aiden,

I started writing this to you about 2 months ago with the hopes of finishing it by your second birthday.  Well I’m over a month late, and revisiting it now, I had to give serious thought as to reconsidering the title.

Let me explain.

You see when I originally assigned this title, it was on the heels of a conversation I had with your dad that started with “It’ll be nice when he…” and quickly ended with frowns and bitten tongues.  Because while it was really easy for the first two years of your life to start a sentence like that (“It’ll be nice when he laughs (or just generally looks less dead behind the eyes)”, “It’ll be nice when he walks”, “It’ll be nice when he talks”, etc), it’s getting harder now that you’ve got the basics down because as you add to your life experiences, certain little things that you do now – things that bring joy and laughter to us everyday – will fade and disappear forever.

IMG_0599 IMAG0009-1

And it’s ultimately for the aforementioned reason that I decided to leave the title alone.  Because in the grand scheme of life, we WILL miss this.  We WILL look back on this time and laugh.  We MIGHT even go so far as to one day refer to these as the good ‘ole days .  All this despite the fact that two has brought on a whole new level of challenges for us as parents.  Timeout is no longer simply a means of disciplining you – it now doubles as a time for us to breathe, calm ourselves down, dig deep for patience that we never knew we had, and remind ourselves that we are smarter than you.  It’s an important two minutes.

The fact is that you’re smart.  You may not be the wordsmith that a couple of your friends have become in their short two years (although you certainly hold your own), but you know what’s going on and absolutely nothing gets by you.  You’re stubborn.  I know I’ve said it before, but you’re ALL boy.  You can’t be left to your own devices for a second because you will destroy everything in your path.  The rougher the play, the better and this makes me thankful for your dad regularly even though he takes a small beating in the process.  We can’t believe you haven’t broken any bones yet.


Your default response to most questions is “no” even if you immediately change it to “yes” and you often just ignore us when you don’t want to do what we’re asking of you (often with a smirk on your face).  You hit when you don’t get your way, and this is the behavior that often drives us to the brink.  We work on it daily.  Almost as if to provide a balance, you’ve become more generous with your hugs and kisses and cuddles.  You love, love, love to dance and sing and it’s magical.  You refuse to watch TV for the most part, but you take your YouTube Sesame Street videos pretty seriously.


You’re a tyrant particular.  It’s always someone else’s turn to help you or play with you, generally whomever it is the least convenient for. You love hide-and-go-seek.  You’re an excellent counter, but you suck at hiding.    You swim in your legos…literally…like Uncle Scrooge from Duck Tales did in his money.  You crack me up.  You challenge me.  You exhaust me like nothing else ever has.  Yet, I miss you when you’re not around.  You’re teaching me patience and trickery and what being a parent is all about and you have a gift for it.

In a couple of days, you will become a big brother and the real fun begins.  I genuinely look forward to seeing how you step up to this change in our whole family dynamic.  I might be a fool, but given what I know about you, I think it’s actually going to be great.  It’s weird to think that you probably won’t remember life as an only child when this has been such a life changing, wonderful two years for us…

And with that I leave you with a couple of our favorite Aiden-isms from the last few months:

“Hold you” – When you want to be picked up you say “hold you” instead of “hold me”.  Your dad has tried a couple of times to correct you to which I tell him to let this one alone.  You’ll figure it out soon enough without a lesson and that will be a sad day.  Like when you start calling our dog Callea instead of “Ta-ta” or a hippo a hippopotamus instead of a “hippo-thomas”.

Decisions – I love giving you simple decisions to make like which book to read first at bedtime.  You pause. You smile.  You carefully consider each of your decisions while going “uhh umm uh”.  You would never know that you were deciding on something insignificant.  You’re just like your mama that way.

Girls – If it’s possible, you’ve already discovered girls.  You’re best girl is my brother’s girlfriend Aryn.  You want her attention so badly but get super shy when she talks to you.  It’s crazy this is starting already.


“Right there” – When we ask you where something is, you often reply “right there” even if you have no idea where “there” is.

“I did it Mommy!” – This is what you yell anytime you do something that you’re proud of.  It’s followed by a double high five from yours truly.

“Good job Mommy” – A lot of times when I do something you ask of me, you’ll reinforce my behavior with this.  Nothing makes me feel more successful.

Love you a million boogs,


2 year stats taken on 7/20/11:

Height – 36” (90th percentile)
Weight – 32.5 lbs (90-95th percentile)
Head Circumference – 50.25” (75-90th percentile)


2 Responses to “We’re Gonna Miss This”

  1. Ayana Says:

    Awww, this is sooooo sweet!!! I love it.

  2. Cryselle Says:

    This is great Beth! Love the idea.

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