Becky’s Wedding…

…was beautiful.  The rehearsal on the beach was scorching hot (I was trying to see if I could find any pit stains in the photo below),


but the clouds rolled in for the ceremony almost as if on cue making it…well like I said before: beautiful.  Dan took a bunch of pictures.  Here are a few of my favorites.

The beautiful bride and her groom

Bride Groom

The ceremony setup

Goofy Officiant 

Mr. and Mrs. Chris and Becky Corders

Mr. and Mrs. Chris and Becky Corders

Me and my little family.  This was Saturday.  Aiden arrived on Thursday.  He was tired and thus we have no pictures of him smiling on the beach.  But wasn’t he cute in his little Hawaiian outfit?

The Louche Family  Living large

Proof that my dad doesn’t always look goofy in pictures.

My rents

Me and my mom and Dan trying to get Aiden to smile with his lion paw.  He was pretty well over picture time at this point, however.

My Mommy  Rawr

But once he hit the reception, got some food in his belly, this cat danced  the night away.  Gotta love a boy that loves to dance.

Hamming it up at the reception

And as I’m sure you guessed, we made it back without having a baby.  I almost unpacked this Target bag yesterday (yes, nearly a week after getting home), but I thought to myself, I need to take a picture first.

  Emergency Car Delivery Kit

So what’s with the string, hand sanitizer, scissors, and towel?  Well Dan watched a video on delivering a baby the morning before we left  and this is what it said we needed in case of an emergency car delivery.  After running down the list, he followed up with “I almost got sick just watching the cartoons in the video".   But at least he was prepared.


One Response to “Becky’s Wedding…”

  1. Ayana Says:

    Awww, that WAS beautiful! – Especially you! That color is gorgeous on you!

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