Somebody’s Getting Married

While admittedly I’ve not allowed myself to get too steeped in anticipation for what’s going down this weekend for my sister’s wedding because of the uncertainty of my attendance, I’m getting really excited about it now.  I spent some time last night trying out different wrap styles for my bridesmaid dress and while there’s no doubt that I will look like I’m about to have a baby, the dress is actually pretty fun.  Surprisingly I’m leaning towards the classic style that is displayed in the main picture of the etsy listing.

Despite my aloofness in regards to the ceremony up to now, I have been a somewhat dutiful maid of honor the last couple of weeks.  My sister, mom and myself took an overnight trip to Savannah so that Becky could do a trial run for her hair.  On this trip we learned that just because you can cut your own hair, it doesn’t mean you should (even if you cut hair for a living) and that more butter does equal more better in southern cooking (thanks Paula Deen).


And despite my sister’s aloofness in regards to all things wedding shower, I threw together an impromtu BBQ shower.  The hit of the party was the sangria made from this recipe.  I tripled it, left out the sugar, and used ginger ale to add the carbonation.  It sat overnight in the fridge and it was GOOD.  Made a pregnant girl excited to get back into the drinking game for sure.



One Response to “Somebody’s Getting Married”

  1. Rebecca Says:

    You were the best maid of honor anybody could have. Thank you for all you did and all your support. Love you sis:)

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