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Home, Sweet Home

August 28, 2011

IMG_0700  IMG_0708

Emily came home this past Monday and we’ve spent the last week get acquainted with her.  She’s not different from what I remember from her brother.  Three modes: asleep, awake and eating, and awake and angry.  Seriously, the girl spends maybe 10 minutes a day awake and chill. 


The big difference this time around is that both Dan and I look at her in the middle of her worst fussy time and wonder why we thought it was so hard with Aiden.  She’s so little and harmless.  Maybe it’s because she’s only adding to the craziness instead of being the sole cause of it.  Her cry doesn’t have nearly the physiological affect on me that Aiden’s did (although it does still wear on me after a while). I don’t want to speak too soon, but we might be able to get through the next few months without the yoga ball and vacuum cleaner.  (After last night, I considered removing the last sentence, but I MUST STAY STRONG.)  I did knit her up some mittens to at least keep her from clawing her eyes out while she’s wailing.

Friday was the first day that I kept both kids home by myself for the day.  I know I don’t want to take Aiden out of school completely during my maternity leave because he likes it, and I think it’s important for him to have that outlet for his energy a few days a week.  But I wanted to get a taste of how it’s going to be and exactly how many days I think I can handle both during the week. 

It actually wasn’t that bad, largely in part to the amount that Emily sleeps.  The only times that it got a little crazy were when I had to feed her and was somewhat chained to the couch for 30 minutes.  The boy can do a lot of damage in 30 minutes including a full thing of yogurt hitting the rug and several 20 minute hand washing sessions.  He thinks he’s fooling me by closing every door between me and the bathroom, but I know exactly what’s going on in there.  There were (only?) 2 times that I sent him into the backyard with the promise that I would be right there.  It’s fenced in and there’s nothing he can break back there.  Plus I was *right* behind him.  I finally realized feeding was a great time to get the iPad out because I was able to participate with him while Emily ate.

But I definitely did see potential for things getting pretty hairy.  We’ll just have to work on it, and I think getting more sleep as Emily gets older will obviously help with my patience and problem solving.

I took this picture of Emily to get her wearing the little mittens I knit up and realized that it also showcases the faux-mohawk quite nicely.


So I got out the hat that I knit her (same as above) while sitting with her in the NICU and took some more pictures.  I vow that the next think I knit for her will not be pink and will not include lace but I couldn’t resist this hat.


The hat pattern is here (rav) and the mittens here.  I modified the mitten pattern, adding an eyelet row because newborn mittens without ties are useless.  Plus it makes them match the hat for a little cuteness overload.  I never thought I’d see the day when I thought adding ribbon to knitting would be cute.


I Want To Touch Her Eyes

August 22, 2011

My mom brought Aiden up to the hospital to meet Emily the day after she was born.  I’m so glad she did considering he hasn’t been able to see her since.  We’ve talked about her a lot though.  I can’t wait for them to get better acquainted.


Love this video for 2 reasons:

1) The obvious…it’s the first sibling encounter.  You can hear the shakiness in my voice as I try to hold it together.


2) If you listen really closely, when my sister hands Aiden over you can hear him ask “I wanna hold you mommy”.  Love that boy.

We just got a call from the NICU this morning.  Baby sister’s coming home today!  Yay!

Day 4

August 21, 2011

The day that Dan and I whilst standing over Emily’s crib in the NICU had our first quasi-serious discussion of how we would handle it if she got pregnant while still in high school.   I don’t recall having any conversations like that after Aiden was born.  Thank goodness for little girls…who will hopefully just stay little.

IMG_0672 IMG_0681

Update on Emily

August 20, 2011

I was discharged from the hospital the Thursday afternoon after the delivery, however, Emily was not and still remains in the hospital on antibiotics.

The short story is that she was at risk for a blood infection based on us both having fevers post-delivery.  We were both treated with antibiotics immediately, and while the initial tests on Emily showed no infection, one test came back outrageously abnormal indicating that there was still a risk of her developing an infection if left untreated.  She has to receive antibiotics intravenously twice a day until the one test returns to normal or at least shows a consistent trend in the right direction which it started doing yesterday thankfully.


Other than this small hiccup, she is a perfectly normal and healthy baby.  While she was whisked away to the NICU about 30 minutes after being born to receive her first round of antibiotics, she spent most her first days in my recovery room.  The doctor has never seemed concerned that she wouldn’t be alright.  As he puts it, they often have to treat 20 babies to save the one that would actually develop the life-threatening blood infection.  We understand this, however, it was really weird and sad leaving the hospital without our baby.

As a side note, they had some difficulty getting the IV in the night she was born.  After giving up on her hand, they shaved a small patch of hair off her head on each side to try using the veins in her head.  When they couldn’t get it in there either, they just had to give her the first shot in the leg which I just choose not to think about.   The NICU nurse then returned her to me around 3:30am following the delivery.  I, for good reason, was dead asleep when she came in and only slightly awake when she told me they had shaved her head into not quite a mohawk, not quite a faux-hawk.  I’m sure she was pretty relieved  about delivering the news to me while I was so out of it and that the time of return was no accident ;) 


Hi! My Name is Emily

August 19, 2011

Emily Kate Louche was born on Tuesday August 16, 2011 at 10:29pm.  She weighed 7 pounds 13 ounces and was 20 inches long.  She had sweet squishy cheeks, a crooked nose, and a full head of dark hair (which quickly got demoted to a faux-mohawk of sorts…more on that later).  She barely made a peep but was alert.  She has toes that would put a monkey’s to shame.   She is beautiful.


IMG_0696 20110818-IMG_1731

After much consideration and doubt, we decided on Emily with a ‘y’ after the day that Aiden crawled into my lap, pointed to my belly and said “Emily” completely unprovoked.  He pretty much sealed the deal with that, and it certainly doesn’t hurt that he sounds ridiculously cute when he says it.  The ‘y’ just  looks and feels right.  Dana is ultra-sensitive to anything out of the ordinary with names.  Emily means industrious or hardworking.  I like this because of a quote that both Dan and I appreciate: “The harder I work, the luckier I get.”  I’d say we’re both feeling pretty lucky these days.


Having a Baby TOMORROW!

August 15, 2011

Well first off, I’d just like to say that movie scene where the pregnant lady’s water breaks unexpectedly in public, always in public, is nothing to me but a big fat lie.   It’s what I was sincerely hoping for this time around (okay maybe not the public water breaking, but the unexpected labor and rush to the hospital) when I choose to have a VBAC. 

Yet here I sit at 40 weeks pregnant with no contractions and a date with my midwife in the morning so that she can break my water.  VBACs are apparently tricky business and she doesn’t want my little lady getting too big before making her grand debut.  Unlike her brother, she is in fact head down, but not to be completely outdone, she’s facing my front instead of my back.  What is it with these kids?

Given the state of my cervix currently, she feels strongly that the only thing keeping the contractions at bay is my water.  If she’s wrong and the breaking ceremony doesn’t put me into labor, it looks like I’ll be induced around noon.  And so help me if that doesn’t work and I end up having a c-section anyways, well I guess it won’t really matter so long as everyone comes out healthy.  But then I’ll have to say that all of those labor movie scenes are dead to me as well.

We’re Gonna Miss This

August 15, 2011

Dear Aiden,

I started writing this to you about 2 months ago with the hopes of finishing it by your second birthday.  Well I’m over a month late, and revisiting it now, I had to give serious thought as to reconsidering the title.

Let me explain.

You see when I originally assigned this title, it was on the heels of a conversation I had with your dad that started with “It’ll be nice when he…” and quickly ended with frowns and bitten tongues.  Because while it was really easy for the first two years of your life to start a sentence like that (“It’ll be nice when he laughs (or just generally looks less dead behind the eyes)”, “It’ll be nice when he walks”, “It’ll be nice when he talks”, etc), it’s getting harder now that you’ve got the basics down because as you add to your life experiences, certain little things that you do now – things that bring joy and laughter to us everyday – will fade and disappear forever.

IMG_0599 IMAG0009-1

And it’s ultimately for the aforementioned reason that I decided to leave the title alone.  Because in the grand scheme of life, we WILL miss this.  We WILL look back on this time and laugh.  We MIGHT even go so far as to one day refer to these as the good ‘ole days .  All this despite the fact that two has brought on a whole new level of challenges for us as parents.  Timeout is no longer simply a means of disciplining you – it now doubles as a time for us to breathe, calm ourselves down, dig deep for patience that we never knew we had, and remind ourselves that we are smarter than you.  It’s an important two minutes.

The fact is that you’re smart.  You may not be the wordsmith that a couple of your friends have become in their short two years (although you certainly hold your own), but you know what’s going on and absolutely nothing gets by you.  You’re stubborn.  I know I’ve said it before, but you’re ALL boy.  You can’t be left to your own devices for a second because you will destroy everything in your path.  The rougher the play, the better and this makes me thankful for your dad regularly even though he takes a small beating in the process.  We can’t believe you haven’t broken any bones yet.


Your default response to most questions is “no” even if you immediately change it to “yes” and you often just ignore us when you don’t want to do what we’re asking of you (often with a smirk on your face).  You hit when you don’t get your way, and this is the behavior that often drives us to the brink.  We work on it daily.  Almost as if to provide a balance, you’ve become more generous with your hugs and kisses and cuddles.  You love, love, love to dance and sing and it’s magical.  You refuse to watch TV for the most part, but you take your YouTube Sesame Street videos pretty seriously.


You’re a tyrant particular.  It’s always someone else’s turn to help you or play with you, generally whomever it is the least convenient for. You love hide-and-go-seek.  You’re an excellent counter, but you suck at hiding.    You swim in your legos…literally…like Uncle Scrooge from Duck Tales did in his money.  You crack me up.  You challenge me.  You exhaust me like nothing else ever has.  Yet, I miss you when you’re not around.  You’re teaching me patience and trickery and what being a parent is all about and you have a gift for it.

In a couple of days, you will become a big brother and the real fun begins.  I genuinely look forward to seeing how you step up to this change in our whole family dynamic.  I might be a fool, but given what I know about you, I think it’s actually going to be great.  It’s weird to think that you probably won’t remember life as an only child when this has been such a life changing, wonderful two years for us…

And with that I leave you with a couple of our favorite Aiden-isms from the last few months:

“Hold you” – When you want to be picked up you say “hold you” instead of “hold me”.  Your dad has tried a couple of times to correct you to which I tell him to let this one alone.  You’ll figure it out soon enough without a lesson and that will be a sad day.  Like when you start calling our dog Callea instead of “Ta-ta” or a hippo a hippopotamus instead of a “hippo-thomas”.

Decisions – I love giving you simple decisions to make like which book to read first at bedtime.  You pause. You smile.  You carefully consider each of your decisions while going “uhh umm uh”.  You would never know that you were deciding on something insignificant.  You’re just like your mama that way.

Girls – If it’s possible, you’ve already discovered girls.  You’re best girl is my brother’s girlfriend Aryn.  You want her attention so badly but get super shy when she talks to you.  It’s crazy this is starting already.


“Right there” – When we ask you where something is, you often reply “right there” even if you have no idea where “there” is.

“I did it Mommy!” – This is what you yell anytime you do something that you’re proud of.  It’s followed by a double high five from yours truly.

“Good job Mommy” – A lot of times when I do something you ask of me, you’ll reinforce my behavior with this.  Nothing makes me feel more successful.

Love you a million boogs,


2 year stats taken on 7/20/11:

Height – 36” (90th percentile)
Weight – 32.5 lbs (90-95th percentile)
Head Circumference – 50.25” (75-90th percentile)

Becky’s Wedding…

August 14, 2011

…was beautiful.  The rehearsal on the beach was scorching hot (I was trying to see if I could find any pit stains in the photo below),


but the clouds rolled in for the ceremony almost as if on cue making it…well like I said before: beautiful.  Dan took a bunch of pictures.  Here are a few of my favorites.

The beautiful bride and her groom

Bride Groom

The ceremony setup

Goofy Officiant 

Mr. and Mrs. Chris and Becky Corders

Mr. and Mrs. Chris and Becky Corders

Me and my little family.  This was Saturday.  Aiden arrived on Thursday.  He was tired and thus we have no pictures of him smiling on the beach.  But wasn’t he cute in his little Hawaiian outfit?

The Louche Family  Living large

Proof that my dad doesn’t always look goofy in pictures.

My rents

Me and my mom and Dan trying to get Aiden to smile with his lion paw.  He was pretty well over picture time at this point, however.

My Mommy  Rawr

But once he hit the reception, got some food in his belly, this cat danced  the night away.  Gotta love a boy that loves to dance.

Hamming it up at the reception

And as I’m sure you guessed, we made it back without having a baby.  I almost unpacked this Target bag yesterday (yes, nearly a week after getting home), but I thought to myself, I need to take a picture first.

  Emergency Car Delivery Kit

So what’s with the string, hand sanitizer, scissors, and towel?  Well Dan watched a video on delivering a baby the morning before we left  and this is what it said we needed in case of an emergency car delivery.  After running down the list, he followed up with “I almost got sick just watching the cartoons in the video".   But at least he was prepared.

Somebody’s Getting Married

August 5, 2011

While admittedly I’ve not allowed myself to get too steeped in anticipation for what’s going down this weekend for my sister’s wedding because of the uncertainty of my attendance, I’m getting really excited about it now.  I spent some time last night trying out different wrap styles for my bridesmaid dress and while there’s no doubt that I will look like I’m about to have a baby, the dress is actually pretty fun.  Surprisingly I’m leaning towards the classic style that is displayed in the main picture of the etsy listing.

Despite my aloofness in regards to the ceremony up to now, I have been a somewhat dutiful maid of honor the last couple of weeks.  My sister, mom and myself took an overnight trip to Savannah so that Becky could do a trial run for her hair.  On this trip we learned that just because you can cut your own hair, it doesn’t mean you should (even if you cut hair for a living) and that more butter does equal more better in southern cooking (thanks Paula Deen).


And despite my sister’s aloofness in regards to all things wedding shower, I threw together an impromtu BBQ shower.  The hit of the party was the sangria made from this recipe.  I tripled it, left out the sugar, and used ginger ale to add the carbonation.  It sat overnight in the fridge and it was GOOD.  Made a pregnant girl excited to get back into the drinking game for sure.


Home Stretch

August 2, 2011

Last week after my 37 week doctor’s appointment, I considered writing a post entitled “There’s a Party In My Pants” due to the fact that I was 1.5 cm dilated and 60% effaced and the midwife said it could be ANY DAY NOW.  Well I’m 38 weeks today, and I’m kind of glad I just continued to ignore the blog because not only is she still in there, but I don’t feel like she will be coming anytime soon.

20110802-IMG_1229 (2)

The only problem with this is that there’s a wedding that I’m the maid of honor in on Saturday.  My sister’s wedding to be exact.  It’s kind of a big deal to me (and probably to her) that I’m there.  But it’s in Tybee…about 4.5 hours drive away from the hospital where I’m to deliver…

Now if the baby comes before Saturday, and I have to miss it, at least I’ll feel like I have a pretty good excuse.  But if not, then I am faced with the super awesome decision of whether or not to chance it: drive over there Friday afternoon and back home Saturday evening or Sunday morning.  As it stands my midwife says to go;  that we’ll have plenty of time to make it back if I go into labor.  I’ll tell you Dan’s opinion on the matter:  “I’m not giving birth to our baby on the side of the highway.”  Seriously though, assuming I’m feeling how I am now on Friday, I think we’re going.  Is that crazy?

In other news I’m also in the home stretch of completing the blanket that I’ve been knitting for our little girl for about as long as I’ve been pregnant.  AKA FOREVER.  Only one more side to border which I’m knitting on as I go.  I pretty much love it.