We spent the week leading up to Aiden’s second birthday in Kissimmee, Florida with Nama, Paw Paw, and his cousin Tyler Brown.  It was an action packed seven days.  But before we get to that, sometime early on in this trip, Aiden picked up on my dad calling Tyler by his first and last name.  Hearing Aiden calling for Tyler Brown throughout this trip is something I want to remember.

And the fact that they so adorably shared a bed together for the  week.


Day 1:

We arrived late only to discover that the Waffle House near my parent’s timeshare closed since last summer.  No tears were shed over it, but it was pretty serious.  We also held true to the belief that Denny’s is not an acceptable substitute for Waffle House.  Even if it is 10pm at night and located right next door to the abandoned Waffle House.

For Dan

Day 2:

We recovered from the drive down pool-side and further mourned the loss of a friend (yes, I’m talking about Waffle House).  Don’t we all look kind of beat down here for it being the first day of vacation?


Day 3:

Beach day at Indialantic where Aiden flew his first kite…

Handing over the reigns

…and kept daddy on his toes.

A new game is born 

Digging in the sand with Nama 

Day 4:

Another day around the condo.  Aiden became deadly with a water gun.  Say hello to his little friend.

Say hello to my little friend!  

Day 5:

We took Tyler to ride go-carts.  Doesn’t he look thrilled about it?


We enjoyed watching though.


And Aiden got to ride a horse and elephant during a rain delay.  The end of this video is classic Aiden in a way that maybe only Dan and I can appreciate.

The rain put a damper on our putt-putt plans for the day, but it couldn’t stop the water gun fights.


Day 6:

The best part about older cousins?  Learning the sacred art of puddle-jumping from them.

 20110630-IMG_1115   20110630-IMG_1121

Then on to Sebastian Inlet. 


These pictures were right before the pelting (and I do mean pelting) rain set in.  We incorrectly did not take those black clouds behind us seriously.


Waving to the boats

And lest my dad think that Dan was just being mean when he told him that he always has the goofiest looks in pictures.



Day 7:

Aiden’s second birthday!  Stay tuned for details on all the ways we celebrated…


One Response to “Kissimmee”

  1. Ayana Says:

    LOL! I love Waffle House too. And I can totally understand the long faces.

    Looks like you guys had a great time!

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