Six Flags

Admittedly, I wasn’t overly excited to take Aiden to Six Flags for my annual company picnic despite the free tickets.  I’m pregnant and it’s hot and he wasn’t quite two yet so how much could there be for him to do there really?  Turns out kind of a lot.  We had a blast.

We warmed up with a couple of rides.


We came across this pretty sizable water park.  Had we known about this addition we  would have dressed accordingly and easily could have spent the whole day there.



We rode the carousel…always a fan favorite.


We paused for a rare family photo that turned out about right.


We rode the train last and despite looking like this before we got on,

IMG_0392    IMG_0393

he managed to pull himself together and wave nearly the entire 1.5 times we rode around the park.


We didn’t even make it to the car.



2 Responses to “Six Flags”

  1. Erica Says:

    Ok, now I have made my decision…we can take Dj to Six Flags!

  2. Ayana Says:

    Awww, man! We missed it. I think we were out of town :(. Maybe next year!

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