Father’s Day and First Prize Kitchen Remodel

I feel like it should be said that my baby boy turned 2 this past weekend which we had the pleasure of celebrating in Florida for the past week.  I had a couple of drafts almost ready to go out while on vacation but unfortunately a lack of wireless and the need to nap almost as much as Aiden did prevented me from being timely.  One day I’ll catch up and be able to post within a few days of things happening or even branch out and post about some of the crafty things I’ve done or thought about lately…one day…

Aiden spent Father’s Day 2011 fatherless.  But not Grandfather or Guthrie-less. 




Yes, that is Jimmy in the background with floaties on.

It was nice to spend the weekend with my dad (and mom for that matter), and Dan’s getting a lot of excellent quality time with his dad while making good progress on the tiny house down in Florida which I’m sure is nice for both of them.  Makes me think back to the last project they tackled together: our kitchen.

When we moved in three years ago it looked like this:

Kitchen Before 1

Kithchen Before 2

After Dan and his dad were done with it, it looked like this:

Kitchen After 1

Kitchen After 2

Pretty impressive, huh?  Dan recently won first prize in a contest that he submitted these before/after pictures to for the best kitchen remodel, however, before you get all excited for him like I did when he told me, there was a grand prize and nine first prize winners.  So let’s just say that he was one of the top ten.  But good nonetheless ;)


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