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Happy You You

July 20, 2011

Aiden’s second birthday was spent in Kissimmee where after feeding the ducks (and more importantly to Aiden, the turtles) any and all bread we had left, we celebrated at the pool.  My dad made an excellent point when he said that Aiden will probably celebrate many a birthday this way given the time of year and the love he seems to have for the water already.



After naps, we headed to Downtown Disney to eat at Rainforest Cafe for dinner where all grandparents were present and accounted for.  It was certainly a nice treat for my special little boy who just happens to love all things animals and grandparents.  Getting  from the car to the restaurant was a treat in itself and like most new experiences at this age, it was such a joy to watch it unfold.

Excited to see Buzz  ...and Mr. Potato Head


 Nama and Aiden on safari   Pop and Mema


Everybody sans Nama

And as if this wasn’t enough celebration for one boy, we had a pool  party in our backyard (again, probably not the last) the following weekend.  It was hot, but I don’t think the kids felt a thing (even if a few parents might have been cursing my name).  And while a party planner, I am not, a few kids cried when they had to leave which I took as the ultimate form of flattery (while their parents continued to curse my name).

 The setup

Best Buddies - Reese and Sunny

The only thing that got Aiden away from the festivities for 2 hours straight (despite his lack of nap and a several hour trip to the neighborhood pool earlier that day) was the cake.  I was really happy with how this cupcake cake turned out.  It was purchased at Wal-mart bakery and far exceeded my expectation in both price ($28) and quality (pretty, easy to serve, AND delicious).  And to think I seriously considered trying to make it myself.

2!  In yellow because the boy likes yellow.

Some would say that a cake shaped like a 2, doesn’t also need a candle shaped like a 2.  And to them I would say “suck it”.

Do I sense a coma coming on?
If the cake isn’t all over your face, you’re not doing it right.

The first time we sang The Birthday Song to Aiden this year (which he sings “Happy you you”) was at the condo on vacation.  When we finished, he cried (but in fairness he had just woken up and we were likely sparing no expense or volume).  However, by this party, despite all these people singing for him…

…he just looked up and said “again”.  And since I neglected to light the candle before we started singing, I encouraged everyone to sing it again (“You heard him people.  Again!”) while we got the thing lit.  That night when he passed out for the day around 6pm, I made sure to tell him what a lucky boy he is to have such wonderful friends and family…because not everybody gets the birthday song twice in one party.



July 18, 2011

We spent the week leading up to Aiden’s second birthday in Kissimmee, Florida with Nama, Paw Paw, and his cousin Tyler Brown.  It was an action packed seven days.  But before we get to that, sometime early on in this trip, Aiden picked up on my dad calling Tyler by his first and last name.  Hearing Aiden calling for Tyler Brown throughout this trip is something I want to remember.

And the fact that they so adorably shared a bed together for the  week.


Day 1:

We arrived late only to discover that the Waffle House near my parent’s timeshare closed since last summer.  No tears were shed over it, but it was pretty serious.  We also held true to the belief that Denny’s is not an acceptable substitute for Waffle House.  Even if it is 10pm at night and located right next door to the abandoned Waffle House.

For Dan

Day 2:

We recovered from the drive down pool-side and further mourned the loss of a friend (yes, I’m talking about Waffle House).  Don’t we all look kind of beat down here for it being the first day of vacation?


Day 3:

Beach day at Indialantic where Aiden flew his first kite…

Handing over the reigns

…and kept daddy on his toes.

A new game is born 

Digging in the sand with Nama 

Day 4:

Another day around the condo.  Aiden became deadly with a water gun.  Say hello to his little friend.

Say hello to my little friend!  

Day 5:

We took Tyler to ride go-carts.  Doesn’t he look thrilled about it?


We enjoyed watching though.


And Aiden got to ride a horse and elephant during a rain delay.  The end of this video is classic Aiden in a way that maybe only Dan and I can appreciate.

The rain put a damper on our putt-putt plans for the day, but it couldn’t stop the water gun fights.


Day 6:

The best part about older cousins?  Learning the sacred art of puddle-jumping from them.

 20110630-IMG_1115   20110630-IMG_1121

Then on to Sebastian Inlet. 


These pictures were right before the pelting (and I do mean pelting) rain set in.  We incorrectly did not take those black clouds behind us seriously.


Waving to the boats

And lest my dad think that Dan was just being mean when he told him that he always has the goofiest looks in pictures.



Day 7:

Aiden’s second birthday!  Stay tuned for details on all the ways we celebrated…

Six Flags

July 5, 2011

Admittedly, I wasn’t overly excited to take Aiden to Six Flags for my annual company picnic despite the free tickets.  I’m pregnant and it’s hot and he wasn’t quite two yet so how much could there be for him to do there really?  Turns out kind of a lot.  We had a blast.

We warmed up with a couple of rides.


We came across this pretty sizable water park.  Had we known about this addition we  would have dressed accordingly and easily could have spent the whole day there.



We rode the carousel…always a fan favorite.


We paused for a rare family photo that turned out about right.


We rode the train last and despite looking like this before we got on,

IMG_0392    IMG_0393

he managed to pull himself together and wave nearly the entire 1.5 times we rode around the park.


We didn’t even make it to the car.


Father’s Day and First Prize Kitchen Remodel

July 4, 2011

I feel like it should be said that my baby boy turned 2 this past weekend which we had the pleasure of celebrating in Florida for the past week.  I had a couple of drafts almost ready to go out while on vacation but unfortunately a lack of wireless and the need to nap almost as much as Aiden did prevented me from being timely.  One day I’ll catch up and be able to post within a few days of things happening or even branch out and post about some of the crafty things I’ve done or thought about lately…one day…

Aiden spent Father’s Day 2011 fatherless.  But not Grandfather or Guthrie-less. 




Yes, that is Jimmy in the background with floaties on.

It was nice to spend the weekend with my dad (and mom for that matter), and Dan’s getting a lot of excellent quality time with his dad while making good progress on the tiny house down in Florida which I’m sure is nice for both of them.  Makes me think back to the last project they tackled together: our kitchen.

When we moved in three years ago it looked like this:

Kitchen Before 1

Kithchen Before 2

After Dan and his dad were done with it, it looked like this:

Kitchen After 1

Kitchen After 2

Pretty impressive, huh?  Dan recently won first prize in a contest that he submitted these before/after pictures to for the best kitchen remodel, however, before you get all excited for him like I did when he told me, there was a grand prize and nine first prize winners.  So let’s just say that he was one of the top ten.  But good nonetheless ;)