When the Cat’s Away…

…the pregnant wife will take it upon herself to buy a few things that she’s had her eye on.  First, a water table.





I don’t think he’s supposed to sit in it, and I’m pretty sure that standing up in it, drinking the water that was shared with the dog should be frowned upon, but I was taking those pictures while semi-relaxing on the back porch for about an hour so I’m going to go with money well spent.

Then there’s this.


Now if only I had the time or energy to try it out.  It will probably be saved for vacation next week.


6 Responses to “When the Cat’s Away…”

  1. Erica Says:

    Ok, thats it! When are you having a playdate? We need to come test out water table as well…promise we wont stand in it! lol

    • Beth Says:

      I know, I know! I’ve been such a slacker. But I’m planning to have Aiden’s birthday party at my house which is probably crazy, but at the very least you guys will have to come play then. I can’t wait until I have this baby. Then I will hopefully be more motivated to plan and attend more playdates.

  2. Ayana Says:

    LOL! So funny! i got Zekey a water table. It has a sand side too. Unfortunately, I have never put it up :(. Maybe this will motivate me to put it up this weekend.

    • Beth Says:

      Definitely put it up! He will love it. We have a separate sandbox in the backyard and Aiden loves that thing too.

  3. Dan Louche Says:

    I don’t know how I feel about being referred to as the ‘Cat’ of the family ;)

  4. Andrea Says:

    I’ve been talking about getting Gideon a water table for awhile, but haven’t pulled the trigger. He’s never really played with one before, but I think he would like it.
    Looks like Aiden is loving it enough to convince me to try it!

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