St. Pete Vacation – Part 2

I’m not sure what to say here, other than the rest of our vacation was absolute perfection.  We stayed at a little resort called TradeWinds (highly recommended for those with children) that had everything we needed right there.

Arriving at TradeWinds

The giraffe and shark statues that Aiden loved and couldn’t get enough of were merely icing on the cake.  And there were other little freebies like paddle boating that allowed us to hunt down the toad that wouldn’t stop croaking while we were swimming in the pool.

In the big pool

20110514-IMG_0717  20110514-IMG_0713

Aiden is at a wonderful age for taking him on vacation.  He’s developed a little bit of independence and isn’t too affected by being miles away from a routine meaning naptime and bedtime are flexible to where ever the day takes us.


A small bin of trains and cars was enough to keep him busy in a somewhat cramped hotel room.  And he’s so fun.  Everything is new and interesting and exciting and it was just a joy getting to experience it all through him away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  It was only a bonus that he didn’t seem too interested in putting the sand in his mouth.

What's going on?

This is different.

We played hard at both the beach and the pool the rest of the trip and just enjoyed each other and every moment of these last precious months as a family of three.  We knew that we had picked the perfect vacation length when on the morning of the day we were leaving, Aiden was falling asleep on me in the pool while going “bouncy, bouncy”.

"All done" were I think his exact words.


One Response to “St. Pete Vacation – Part 2”

  1. Erica Says:

    Love your vacation pictures and inspiring words. We are going on vacation next month and I was worried about how DJ would be in sand and napping.
    Btw..You guys look so good together and Im sure its only going to look even more beautiful as a family of four!

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