Third Trimester

In case there was any doubt that I am pregnant, here were the spoils from my trip to Rite Aid the other day:


And here’s a belly pic just into the third trimester:


This time around, I feel like people are lying when I tell them how far along I am and they respond with “well you look great”.  I feel like if I told them I was due tomorrow, they wouldn’t know the difference.  Or is that just me?  Because I couldn’t possibly get any bigger… (even though my weight says I still have 12 pounds growing room until I’m full-term-with-Aiden-size…yowzers!)

From everything I can tell though, baby seems to be doing well.  She’s been really kicking the crap out of my insides while Aiden continues to do a number on me from the outside.  Nothing makes a girl feel older than having to tell people that she threw out her back while trying to change her 2-year-old’s diaper.  Fortunately it healed up nice and quick with a little heat and bed rest.  But the thought of having two unrelenting children still makes me cry shutter a bit from time to time.  Hopefully I’ll feel better all around when I have my body back and movement isn’t the chore it’s become.  So much for really soaking in these last precious months of pregnancy like I said I would this time around.

In other much more exciting, less whiny baby news, I’m very happy to report that after significantly more discussion and negotiation (most of which ended in Dan’s favor) than we had when naming Aiden, I think we have finally settled on a name…sort of:

Emilie Kate Louche


Emily Kate Louche

We (and by we, I mean I) still need to decide on the spelling as my feeling on the matter changes day to day.  It’s stressing over these types of decisions that I’m almost certain will send me to an early grave.  Spelling it with a ‘y’ is just more familiar and safe, but for some reason the ‘ie’ is just more unique and interesting to me.  Yes, she will have to correct everyone that has to spell her first name, but that’s just life isn’t it?  She can do it right before they attempt to butcher her last name.  Either way we’ll call her Emmie…or Kate.  I think we’ll know when we meet her…in 11 more weeks (or 9 if she’s anything like Aiden).


5 Responses to “Third Trimester”

  1. Carla @ I Run, You Run Says:

    I was reading another blogger that has a newborn and she said “you know that crap everyone tells you to sleep when the baby sleeps? Guess what? That only works on the first one, you can’t do that when you also have a toddler running around”

    So not that you didn’t know about sleep deprivation, but thought I should prepare you!

    And you do look great! And I think I have that dress, except mine is not maternity…

  2. kathy Says:

    Boy am I ever off base…when Dana mentioned MAYBE “Emma” and I heard you say “Emily” I immediately wondered if it would be “EMMALEE” or ‘EMMALEIGH” Obviously I have been in Polk county tooooo long!

  3. Ayana Says:

    Hey! We have so much in common! I *used* to work at GTRI, I have a 2 year old AND I am in my 3rd trimester of having my first little girl. AND, and, and I just killed a pack of M&M’s last night :). They were peanut M&M’s though…

    • Beth Says:

      Hi Ayana! The first time you commented on my blog I was definitely curious and clicked over to your blog and you’re right! We do have so much in common. I wasn’t sure if it was just a coincidence that I actually shared an office with your husband while Tara Madden was out on maternity leave when I first started at GTRI (after taking a one year hiatus from software to teach high school math…apparently another thing we have in common ;) How did you find my blog?

      To add to the list, I’m a knitter, and I’m trying to get into sewing more! I hope to do a post soon on some of the crafty stuff I’ve been working on. I saw you’re doing a quilt for your baby girl. That’s definitely something I want to try soon. It’s gotta work up so much faster than the blanket that I’m knitting up for mine!!

      When are you due?

      • Ayana Says:

        I found you blog through Amy! I am due Sept 2nd. My husband told me that he knew you – but he didn’t give me any details. (MEN ;)!)

        Ha! We should hang out. I am having a craft-in at my house on July 10th. We live about 3.5 miles from Tech. My crochet/knitting buddies are coming over. If you are avaliable, you are definately invited! Send me an email: ayanared at gmail and I will give you the information… or we can just do lunch or something.

        Hope to see you soon. ;).

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