St. Pete Vacation – Part 1

We recently took a much needed family beach vacation to St. Pete, FL.  We left on a Friday morning and arrived in St. Pete early afternoon.  The drive was the only thing I was dreading, but it actually wasn’t  that bad at all.  Long, but tolerable thanks yet again to Sesame Street.  Once we arrived at our hotel and got settled in the room, we threw on our bathing suits and spent the rest of the day at the pool where we got lots of excited looks from Aiden.  It’s one of our favorite looks.



This was a little to no nap day so I’m pretty sure Drunk Aiden (Aiden’s  silly alter-ego that comes out when Aiden gets tired)   made an appearance out at dinner that night when Dan took this picture…of Aiden lying in a flower bed.


We spent the first full day of our vacation in Lakeland, FL with Dan’s mom and stepdad (Grandma and Grandpa Rick) and their newly completed tiny house.  We were met there by Alex from Tiny House Talk and his lovely fiancé Andrea. For those of you not aware of this little project that Dan took on for his mom, you can read all about it on Dan’s blog.  You can see more pictures of the finished product in his latest post and Alex put together a nice little video on his blog about it too.



I must say that while I wasn’t ever opposed to the idea of tiny living, I was genuinely in awe of what Dan and his mom had created.  It was really awesome to see the practicality of such a tiny space that all of a sudden the prospect of the Louche tiny vacation home that Dan has recently started designing is really exciting.  So exciting in fact that against my better judgment I  may have given him the green light to spend two weeks in Florida building it with his dad and brother sometime in the next month…while I’m back home with Aiden…8 months pregnant.  But on the bright side he should be able to knock it out and be all out of excuses by the time Super Fly gets here.

On the way back to our hotel after dinner that night we stopped for gas completely coincidentally at the Dinosaur World exit that exists between Lakeland and St. Pete.  I treated this as if we were in front of the only Dinosaur World in the world while Dan wasn’t nearly as enthusiastic.  The picture came out pretty crappy.


The first time that we stopped for gas after this was 3 days later when we were half way back to Atlanta.  When I went to get Aiden out of his car seat, he looked up at me expectantly and said “saur?”.  I couldn’t believe he remembered.  Apparently T-Rex made an impression. But I let him down easy by telling him he was going to have to settle for Dairy Queen instead.


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