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Third Trimester

May 31, 2011

In case there was any doubt that I am pregnant, here were the spoils from my trip to Rite Aid the other day:


And here’s a belly pic just into the third trimester:


This time around, I feel like people are lying when I tell them how far along I am and they respond with “well you look great”.  I feel like if I told them I was due tomorrow, they wouldn’t know the difference.  Or is that just me?  Because I couldn’t possibly get any bigger… (even though my weight says I still have 12 pounds growing room until I’m full-term-with-Aiden-size…yowzers!)

From everything I can tell though, baby seems to be doing well.  She’s been really kicking the crap out of my insides while Aiden continues to do a number on me from the outside.  Nothing makes a girl feel older than having to tell people that she threw out her back while trying to change her 2-year-old’s diaper.  Fortunately it healed up nice and quick with a little heat and bed rest.  But the thought of having two unrelenting children still makes me cry shutter a bit from time to time.  Hopefully I’ll feel better all around when I have my body back and movement isn’t the chore it’s become.  So much for really soaking in these last precious months of pregnancy like I said I would this time around.

In other much more exciting, less whiny baby news, I’m very happy to report that after significantly more discussion and negotiation (most of which ended in Dan’s favor) than we had when naming Aiden, I think we have finally settled on a name…sort of:

Emilie Kate Louche


Emily Kate Louche

We (and by we, I mean I) still need to decide on the spelling as my feeling on the matter changes day to day.  It’s stressing over these types of decisions that I’m almost certain will send me to an early grave.  Spelling it with a ‘y’ is just more familiar and safe, but for some reason the ‘ie’ is just more unique and interesting to me.  Yes, she will have to correct everyone that has to spell her first name, but that’s just life isn’t it?  She can do it right before they attempt to butcher her last name.  Either way we’ll call her Emmie…or Kate.  I think we’ll know when we meet her…in 11 more weeks (or 9 if she’s anything like Aiden).


St. Pete Vacation – Part 1

May 27, 2011

We recently took a much needed family beach vacation to St. Pete, FL.  We left on a Friday morning and arrived in St. Pete early afternoon.  The drive was the only thing I was dreading, but it actually wasn’t  that bad at all.  Long, but tolerable thanks yet again to Sesame Street.  Once we arrived at our hotel and got settled in the room, we threw on our bathing suits and spent the rest of the day at the pool where we got lots of excited looks from Aiden.  It’s one of our favorite looks.



This was a little to no nap day so I’m pretty sure Drunk Aiden (Aiden’s  silly alter-ego that comes out when Aiden gets tired)   made an appearance out at dinner that night when Dan took this picture…of Aiden lying in a flower bed.


We spent the first full day of our vacation in Lakeland, FL with Dan’s mom and stepdad (Grandma and Grandpa Rick) and their newly completed tiny house.  We were met there by Alex from Tiny House Talk and his lovely fiancé Andrea. For those of you not aware of this little project that Dan took on for his mom, you can read all about it on Dan’s blog.  You can see more pictures of the finished product in his latest post and Alex put together a nice little video on his blog about it too.



I must say that while I wasn’t ever opposed to the idea of tiny living, I was genuinely in awe of what Dan and his mom had created.  It was really awesome to see the practicality of such a tiny space that all of a sudden the prospect of the Louche tiny vacation home that Dan has recently started designing is really exciting.  So exciting in fact that against my better judgment I  may have given him the green light to spend two weeks in Florida building it with his dad and brother sometime in the next month…while I’m back home with Aiden…8 months pregnant.  But on the bright side he should be able to knock it out and be all out of excuses by the time Super Fly gets here.

On the way back to our hotel after dinner that night we stopped for gas completely coincidentally at the Dinosaur World exit that exists between Lakeland and St. Pete.  I treated this as if we were in front of the only Dinosaur World in the world while Dan wasn’t nearly as enthusiastic.  The picture came out pretty crappy.


The first time that we stopped for gas after this was 3 days later when we were half way back to Atlanta.  When I went to get Aiden out of his car seat, he looked up at me expectantly and said “saur?”.  I couldn’t believe he remembered.  Apparently T-Rex made an impression. But I let him down easy by telling him he was going to have to settle for Dairy Queen instead.


May 27, 2011

What is it about grandparents? 

I have recently been twice amazed  by the relationship that exists between Aiden and our parents.

As mentioned in the previous post, we spent a day with Grandma and Grandpa Rick in Lakeland on our recent family vacation.  Aiden doesn’t get to see them as often as I’m sure everybody involved would like, but we weren’t there ten minutes before Aiden was already calling out “Rick” and “Grandma” just needing to know where they were at all times.  Like he sees them everyday.  You can hear it early on in Alex’s video that was shot that day.

And *every single time* Aiden hears the door alarm sound when someone comes in or goes out of our house (usually daddy), he stops what he’s doing, looks at me and whispers “Paw Paw”.  It doesn’t matter how long it’s been since he’s seen him or what we’re doing.

Whatever it is, it’s pretty magical.

A Big, Sneaky Kid

May 26, 2011

In finally cleaning off my camera yesterday with the intention of flooding the blog with updates soon, I found these.

If you look closely, you can still see the easter basket.  I'm happy to report that it's been packed up now.  Taken 5/10/11

Pictures I’d taken of Aiden as we were leaving for school one day because I thought he looked so cute.  When I came across them yesterday I literally stopped in my tracks and wondered what the heck was going on.  Who the heck is this giant person is in my pictures?  Where did my baby go?  I mean seriously people, when did this happen?

And in case you’re wondering what’s been going on in that beautiful head as of late, here’s a couple of stories that we’ve laughed about on more than one occasion.

First there was the night at the dinner table when we all partook in a round of M&M’s after our meal.  When Aiden *finally* finished his (he likes to savor each one), he looked at me and said “M’s?” – his way of asking for more.  Daddy immediately said no more, but I said “Well maybe two more because Mommy would like more too.  Maybe even three more.”  Daddy came over with the M&M’s and said “Aiden, would you like 2 more or 3 more?”.  Aiden looked up at him and confidently declared “FIVE”.  Dan gave him 6 more for clearly underestimating his ability to count.

Then there was that one bedtime when I laid with Aiden and told him I would sing him one song of his choice before he had to sleep.  He of course chose the Alphabet Song (boy’s a little neurotic with his alphabet).  I sang it once, but as I reached the “next time won’t you sing with me” part, he cut me off and started back at “A, B, C…”.  So I sang it through again. As I approached the end, he once again started back at ‘A’.  So I sang it one more time.  Daddy was listening in the other room and wondered how long this would go on.  But I stopped at 3 times through.  Not for a lack of trying on his part.  I still say I won that one.

Clearly we’re going to have to watch out for this boy.

Easter 2011

May 3, 2011

It felt like we had a lot of time to prepare for Easter this year with it coming so late in April, but that didn’t stop us from still partially neglecting our role as Easter Bunny.  We did take baby steps from last year by buying Aiden his forever Easter basket and getting plenty of candy and treats for it in the weeks leading up the day, but it all just kinda sat on our kitchen counter in an unorganized fashion while Easter came and went.  In fact, it’s still there and may remain until Halloween when he can take the basket out trick-or-treating.

Easter 2011 

Seriously though I’m figuring that we still have at least one more Easter until Aiden starts considering us dead-beat parents so we’ll do better next year…when we have TWO Easter baskets to worry about.  I mean seriously becoming a parent just makes you realize how awesome your parents really were.  Easter, birthdays, Christmas…with all the holidays and special occasions it’s a lot of damn work making it all special all the time.

But worry not.  We had some fun this Easter, and I’m pretty sure it’s more about the experiences and candy than the well organized and properly presented basket anyways.

We hunted some eggs.  (Note: That is not the forever Easter basket.  That basket will never be allowed out of our house so I guess trick-or-treating with it is out.  Elmo was Grandma provided and got lots of use.  Thanks Grandma!)

Got one! I'm almost certain he was thinking "my eggs"

We met the Easter Bunny.

When we returned to that spot a week later, he asked about the bunny.

The following two pictures pretty much sum up how Aiden felt about that.  The first is him from the front in the picture above.


Ah helllll no.

In fairness, the Easter Bunny was pretty creepy looking.

As long as we were there, it was ok.

And we spent some time at Aunt Becky’s house where we blew bubbles and ate lasagna and cupcakes naked.  (Seriously why bother with a nice Easter outfit??? Aiden’s wasn’t even that nice or picked  specifically for Easter and I still didn’t want him eating lasagna in it).


Aryn’s delicious cupcakes were the perfect size for Aiden to shove a whole one in his mouth at once.

Squirrel cheeks 

Pure joy with Aunt Becky and Uncle Chris.

Such joy

But probably the most important thing we did this Easter was discover the true magic of Jim Beam…aka jellybeans.

There’s a lot there to love, but I’m a big fan of the way he’s eating out of his bib at the beginning like a pig at a trough.  Anyhow, jellybeans to a toddler include any oval shaped candy.  For us it was mostly Robin Eggs with a few actual jellybeans thrown in.  And Aiden takes it pretty seriously.

So see?  Not even two and we’ve already made great strides in teaching him the real meaning of Easter.