Tybee: Round 1 of 2…Hopefully…

At the beginning of April, most of my immediate family (sorry Jimmy) took a road trip to Tybee Island to get a feel for where my sister is getting married on August 6th. 

The happy couple

As I’m the maid of honor  in said wedding, I’m desperately holding onto hope that this won’t be my little family’s last trip there this year considering I’m due to have a baby on August 16th, but I have a feeling we won’t know for sure until the day arrives.  The good news is that we’ve found a nice dress that will work for me whether nearly there pregnant or postpartum: Coda Wrap Dress. Hard to believe, I know, but you can find anything on Etsy.

Anyhow, we rushed summer a bit as it was still a little cold for the beach, but we did get a good half day in.  Aiden loved the water even though it was fra-eezing.

A look of happy shock  Loves, loves, loves his Paw Paw 

Nama and Paw Paw 


A boy and his bucket 

I just like this one

The rest of the time we got to hang around our wonderfully disgusting hotel room where we quickly learned not to walk without shoes.

 Hotel room shenanigans

And in the name of rehearsal dinner research, we also ate a lot of delicious food.  There were basically no worries though because Aiden was just wonderfully thrilled to have everyone together.

Show me angry 
Doesn’t he look thrilled here?

Show me happy 
Ok that’s better.

As a little added bonus to the vacation, we walked away with a series of these pictures, all with one thing in common. 

Baby Hitler

Here’s part of the discussion I had with Dan on picking which to use:

Me: “Help me pick which picture makes him look most like baby Hitler.”

Dan: “Well you can eliminate all of those because he’s smiling.”

Me: “You don’t think baby Hitler smiled?”


4 Responses to “Tybee: Round 1 of 2…Hopefully…”

  1. Jennifer Manous Says:

    That is an awesome dress. What color? Also, I think baby hilter smiled.

  2. kathy Says:

    The dress is beautiful…as will be the one wearing it!

  3. Beth Says:

    Thanks guys! The color is “Natural” so I’ll be working on my tan up to the wedding ;)

  4. Rebecca Says:

    Cutest baby Hitler I have ever seen:)

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