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Tybee: Round 1 of 2…Hopefully…

April 27, 2011

At the beginning of April, most of my immediate family (sorry Jimmy) took a road trip to Tybee Island to get a feel for where my sister is getting married on August 6th. 

The happy couple

As I’m the maid of honor  in said wedding, I’m desperately holding onto hope that this won’t be my little family’s last trip there this year considering I’m due to have a baby on August 16th, but I have a feeling we won’t know for sure until the day arrives.  The good news is that we’ve found a nice dress that will work for me whether nearly there pregnant or postpartum: Coda Wrap Dress. Hard to believe, I know, but you can find anything on Etsy.

Anyhow, we rushed summer a bit as it was still a little cold for the beach, but we did get a good half day in.  Aiden loved the water even though it was fra-eezing.

A look of happy shock  Loves, loves, loves his Paw Paw 

Nama and Paw Paw 


A boy and his bucket 

I just like this one

The rest of the time we got to hang around our wonderfully disgusting hotel room where we quickly learned not to walk without shoes.

 Hotel room shenanigans

And in the name of rehearsal dinner research, we also ate a lot of delicious food.  There were basically no worries though because Aiden was just wonderfully thrilled to have everyone together.

Show me angry 
Doesn’t he look thrilled here?

Show me happy 
Ok that’s better.

As a little added bonus to the vacation, we walked away with a series of these pictures, all with one thing in common. 

Baby Hitler

Here’s part of the discussion I had with Dan on picking which to use:

Me: “Help me pick which picture makes him look most like baby Hitler.”

Dan: “Well you can eliminate all of those because he’s smiling.”

Me: “You don’t think baby Hitler smiled?”


Moon, Moon, Moon

April 18, 2011

Undoubtedly one of my favorite recent developments in Aiden is his singing.  He has started singing along to songs that we’ve listened to in the car and around the house since he was a baby.  And it’s amazing.  I already have fond memories of his voice – the sweetest voice – trying to keep up with the words and Dan and I laying in bed at night laughing about his throaty renditions of “B-O-O-T-S BOOTS”.

A couple of days ago Dan shot this video of us while trying to get a video of him hopscotching.  I’m pretty sure he just sat down and started singing this out of the middle of nowhere, but to be fair, I do recall him pointing out the moon (visible in the late day) when we came out so maybe he was thinking about that.  I don’t know.  All I know is the next day, I kept hearing his “moon, moon, moon” in my head on the way home from work, and I couldn’t stop smiling.  So I knew I had to share.

Aiden Singing “Moon, Moon, Moon” by The Laurie Berkner Band

Crack for Toddlers

April 8, 2011

This past Christmas my sister, aka Aunt Bebby, really wanted to get Aiden one of those kiddie trampolines with the bars.  I was really excited about the prospect of the gift as a means for Aiden to burn off energy indoors during the winter months, but Dan, aka fun-killer, said “NO TRAMPOLINES” (and I literally made him say it like 50 times before I told my sister it was the final word).  Something about debilitating injuries or something of the like.  Whatever.  Fun-killer.

So then it became my responsibility to tell my sister what she should get Aiden.  I pointed her to the drum at Target with all of the musical instruments inside, and since she insisted it wasn’t enough, I suggested getting him a musical DVD to go along with it…you know something he could play his new instruments along to.  But that’s all I said.  And here’s what she bought:


At first we just thought it was a good selection because Aiden instantly identified Elmo on the cover (pretty sure babies are just born with the ability to identify Elmo), but boy we had no idea what we were dealing with.

It started as with any addiction. You’re just going to try it once.  You know, try it out.  You like the way it makes you feel so you decide you’ll do it again whenever the mood strikes you.  But you aren’t addicted.  You can stop whenever you want.

But gradually you stop wanting to do the things you normally enjoy doing, like going outside and eating dinner.  You come home from school, and without realizing it are standing in front of the TV pointing and crying and honking and dinging and wondering why mom and dad won’t just give you what you need.

Well simply put it’s because they’ve picked up on your little addiction and they are scared for you.  Scared that you’re going to stop using your words, choosing to communicate in only honks and dings and yips.  Scared that we may never get you to eat dinner again without a knock down, drag you away from the TV fight.

So we’ll keep a steady eye on your addiction and only enable you when you deserve it…or we just really need an uninterrupted 30 minutes.  We believe that you can be a functioning Sesame Street-aholic.  And I know I’ll secretly miss your enthusiasm when your buzz wears off.

Aiden Watching the Honkers and Dingers and Yippers and Elephants