Where’s the Penis?

That’s what Aiden had to be thinking looking at that screen.

 Where's the penis?

And after going in for a closer look, we found out in fact that there is no penis.  IT’S A GIRL!  SUPER FLY IS A GIRL!


Only my initial reaction (after hearing that the baby appears to be healthy) was more like “it’s a girl? *sniff, sniff* are you sure?”.  I mean everyone had me convinced it was going to be a boy: Dan, my mom, even the midwife just a week before cried boy from the sound of the heartbeat.  And you know what?  I was happy with that.  Because I love my Aiden and another one like him just seemed like icing on the cake for me.  Even Dan who I know was hoping for a girl was a little thrown by the idea that there would be another vagina in the house.  I mean what do we know about raising little girls…seriously?  It just feels so much more…complicated.  (Although I guess when in doubt we can just live by the golden rule: keep her off the pole.)

But it’s been about a week now since we found out and as we talk more about her and plan for her, I genuinely find myself excited by the idea.  It helps that girl names are more fun and Aiden is freaking adorable when he says “baby sister” and gives my belly a kiss.  And while I’ve already stressed more than I would like to admit about the new baby’s wardrobe (because I’ve been informed that girls CANNOT have but one pair of shoes even if she does grow out of them before she can wear them out like Aiden), at the end of the day, he’ll have her and she’ll have him and that’s really what this is all about. 

Plus, Super Fly’s got attitude.  Here’s her profile and while that may not be her middle finger, I like to think that it is.  She’s saying: “Suck it up mom. I will come out and rock your world.  Oh and could you please ask that kid you guys call Aiden to stop sitting on my head.  Appreciate ya!”


Yep.  Love her already.


One Response to “Where’s the Penis?”

  1. Jennifer Manous Says:

    I agree a second boy would be flippintastic! But a girl will be much easier to shop for as they own 3/4 of every department store.

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