Genetic Bad Habits

I’m not sure when I acquired my worst habit of picking my lips, but my first* memory of acknowledging it was in high school when we had to write about a bad habit.  I remember writing in that paper that if given the chance I would subconsciously pick my lips until they bled.   The same remains true today, although I try desperately to keep it in check.  (As I finished typing that, I stopped to go back a re-read it and my hand – or more precisely, my nails – went instantly to my mouth.  It’s harder to control when I’m concentrating on something.)  Well now that I have Aiden and his lips to worry about, whenever he has a piece of skin dangling, it’s all I can do to not reach over and pull it off, forcing myself instead to get the boy some chapstick.

But the other night, when we were watching Aiden’s ALL TIME FAVORITE SHOW, I couldn’t help but watch him deep in concentration…

Not sure if it’s really genetic (doubtful) or if he’s just mimicking my behavior (much more likely?), but now I guess I really have to watch it.  Now that I’ve noticed it, I catch him doing it all the time.  Oh dear lord, what have I done?


*Actually my first memory of anything lip-picking related was in fifth grade when I wore lipstick to school and told one of my friends that the lipstick was to cover up my bruised and battered lips.  Really I just wanted to be prettier (interesting since I don’t think I’ve worn lipstick since), but where would I come up with such a lie?  There had to be *some* truth to it. 


2 Responses to “Genetic Bad Habits”

  1. Linda Gardner Says:

    OMG! You were around me too much when you were growing up. This has been such a bad habit of mine for the last 40 years (just ask your Mom). When I started going out with Bob his Mother did the same thing and I “picked” it up from her.

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