Silent Screams

A bloody ending to an otherwise beautiful weekend.  Lesson learned?  Don’t run on concrete holding a hula hoop.  Fortunately no teeth were lost.  This was taken right after the blood and tears stopped flowing.  It looked a lot worse the days following the accident.



One Response to “Silent Screams”

  1. kathy Says:

    Oh good grief, what have you done to my grandson?!?!?!? I NEVER let anything like that happen to my children….Oh wait…there was one incident involving a broken arm. Oh I almost forgot about the two (o.k. three) incidents involving hospital visits. And no, that’s not counting the incident involving WAY too many baby aspirin consumed at once. Come to think of it, getting old and “forgetful” does have its benefits. It allows me to believe, if only for a moment, that my children survived childhood without any mishaps. But, as I think back, I can only say “Smile, you’re in for a bumpy ride!”

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