Kitchen Table Talk

Ok, so I wrote this a long time ago, only I never posted it because I was afraid that the person I was referring to in the post might stumble upon it and take offense.  But every now and again I pull it up, and I laugh every single time, so I just can’t let it go.  So girl whom shall remain nameless, if you’re reading this, I mean you and goop no disrespect.  I actually applaud you for inspiring such scintillating conversation in my home.

Me: “I met this girl that calls her baby “goop” which just sounds gross to me.  Although I guess I often call Aiden “booger” which probably sounds gross to some.”

Dan: “Yeah…it’s really just a matter of perception.  There’s probably someone out there that calls their baby “spooge” that wouldn’t even blink at “goop”.

Me:  “True.”

Since this little talk over breakfast, Dan has referred to Aiden as “spooge” on two three several occasions.  Fantastic.

How I feel everytime I read this...


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