Super Fly

 Super Fly

Super Fly is the name we’ve been using to identify the fetus that’s been growing inside my belly for the past 15 weeks (pictured above at 10 weeks).  Super Fly has been a completely different beast than Aiden was in the first trimester.  With Aiden, I went work (as a high school teacher, a coach and a student), picked up the fast food he craved on the  way home, and then went straight to sleep until morning.  Weekends were spent in a coma when I wasn’t catching up on grading or lesson plans or 20 page papers.  There was really no way I could have felt nauseous because I was either going 100% or I wasn’t awake.

But this time around, I just have the one dreadfully boring job where I sit all day, and I can’t sleep 15 hours a day like I did when I was pregnant with Aiden…ironically, because of Aiden.  So instead I just felt like poo for several weeks (with only minor amounts of vomit), only feeling better when sandwiches, Doritos and/or Ginger Ale were involved.  Perhaps this is why at 15 weeks, I look like I did with Aiden at 23 weeks? 

3/18/09   3/4/11
Aiden at 23 wks                           Super Fly at 15 wks

As is evidenced by the fact that you’re reading this post (or any post henceforth), I seem to be coming out of the first trimester fog, and while I’m still exhausted most of the time, at least I don’t feel like crap   while I’m dragging ass.  Less than six months to go (man that seems so short these days), and then this little guy is going to have a pretty major responsibility on his hands.  He’s not even going to know what hit him.

He’s saying “cheese” here.

Btw, I bought this shirt for him to wear out so that [extremely observant] people would recognize that I’m pregnant…not fat.


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