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Where’s the Penis?

March 31, 2011

That’s what Aiden had to be thinking looking at that screen.

 Where's the penis?

And after going in for a closer look, we found out in fact that there is no penis.  IT’S A GIRL!  SUPER FLY IS A GIRL!


Only my initial reaction (after hearing that the baby appears to be healthy) was more like “it’s a girl? *sniff, sniff* are you sure?”.  I mean everyone had me convinced it was going to be a boy: Dan, my mom, even the midwife just a week before cried boy from the sound of the heartbeat.  And you know what?  I was happy with that.  Because I love my Aiden and another one like him just seemed like icing on the cake for me.  Even Dan who I know was hoping for a girl was a little thrown by the idea that there would be another vagina in the house.  I mean what do we know about raising little girls…seriously?  It just feels so much more…complicated.  (Although I guess when in doubt we can just live by the golden rule: keep her off the pole.)

But it’s been about a week now since we found out and as we talk more about her and plan for her, I genuinely find myself excited by the idea.  It helps that girl names are more fun and Aiden is freaking adorable when he says “baby sister” and gives my belly a kiss.  And while I’ve already stressed more than I would like to admit about the new baby’s wardrobe (because I’ve been informed that girls CANNOT have but one pair of shoes even if she does grow out of them before she can wear them out like Aiden), at the end of the day, he’ll have her and she’ll have him and that’s really what this is all about. 

Plus, Super Fly’s got attitude.  Here’s her profile and while that may not be her middle finger, I like to think that it is.  She’s saying: “Suck it up mom. I will come out and rock your world.  Oh and could you please ask that kid you guys call Aiden to stop sitting on my head.  Appreciate ya!”


Yep.  Love her already.


Genetic Bad Habits

March 17, 2011

I’m not sure when I acquired my worst habit of picking my lips, but my first* memory of acknowledging it was in high school when we had to write about a bad habit.  I remember writing in that paper that if given the chance I would subconsciously pick my lips until they bled.   The same remains true today, although I try desperately to keep it in check.  (As I finished typing that, I stopped to go back a re-read it and my hand – or more precisely, my nails – went instantly to my mouth.  It’s harder to control when I’m concentrating on something.)  Well now that I have Aiden and his lips to worry about, whenever he has a piece of skin dangling, it’s all I can do to not reach over and pull it off, forcing myself instead to get the boy some chapstick.

But the other night, when we were watching Aiden’s ALL TIME FAVORITE SHOW, I couldn’t help but watch him deep in concentration…

Not sure if it’s really genetic (doubtful) or if he’s just mimicking my behavior (much more likely?), but now I guess I really have to watch it.  Now that I’ve noticed it, I catch him doing it all the time.  Oh dear lord, what have I done?


*Actually my first memory of anything lip-picking related was in fifth grade when I wore lipstick to school and told one of my friends that the lipstick was to cover up my bruised and battered lips.  Really I just wanted to be prettier (interesting since I don’t think I’ve worn lipstick since), but where would I come up with such a lie?  There had to be *some* truth to it. 

Silent Screams

March 16, 2011

A bloody ending to an otherwise beautiful weekend.  Lesson learned?  Don’t run on concrete holding a hula hoop.  Fortunately no teeth were lost.  This was taken right after the blood and tears stopped flowing.  It looked a lot worse the days following the accident.


Kitchen Table Talk

March 7, 2011

Ok, so I wrote this a long time ago, only I never posted it because I was afraid that the person I was referring to in the post might stumble upon it and take offense.  But every now and again I pull it up, and I laugh every single time, so I just can’t let it go.  So girl whom shall remain nameless, if you’re reading this, I mean you and goop no disrespect.  I actually applaud you for inspiring such scintillating conversation in my home.

Me: “I met this girl that calls her baby “goop” which just sounds gross to me.  Although I guess I often call Aiden “booger” which probably sounds gross to some.”

Dan: “Yeah…it’s really just a matter of perception.  There’s probably someone out there that calls their baby “spooge” that wouldn’t even blink at “goop”.

Me:  “True.”

Since this little talk over breakfast, Dan has referred to Aiden as “spooge” on two three several occasions.  Fantastic.

How I feel everytime I read this...

Super Fly

March 4, 2011

 Super Fly

Super Fly is the name we’ve been using to identify the fetus that’s been growing inside my belly for the past 15 weeks (pictured above at 10 weeks).  Super Fly has been a completely different beast than Aiden was in the first trimester.  With Aiden, I went work (as a high school teacher, a coach and a student), picked up the fast food he craved on the  way home, and then went straight to sleep until morning.  Weekends were spent in a coma when I wasn’t catching up on grading or lesson plans or 20 page papers.  There was really no way I could have felt nauseous because I was either going 100% or I wasn’t awake.

But this time around, I just have the one dreadfully boring job where I sit all day, and I can’t sleep 15 hours a day like I did when I was pregnant with Aiden…ironically, because of Aiden.  So instead I just felt like poo for several weeks (with only minor amounts of vomit), only feeling better when sandwiches, Doritos and/or Ginger Ale were involved.  Perhaps this is why at 15 weeks, I look like I did with Aiden at 23 weeks? 

3/18/09   3/4/11
Aiden at 23 wks                           Super Fly at 15 wks

As is evidenced by the fact that you’re reading this post (or any post henceforth), I seem to be coming out of the first trimester fog, and while I’m still exhausted most of the time, at least I don’t feel like crap   while I’m dragging ass.  Less than six months to go (man that seems so short these days), and then this little guy is going to have a pretty major responsibility on his hands.  He’s not even going to know what hit him.

He’s saying “cheese” here.

Btw, I bought this shirt for him to wear out so that [extremely observant] people would recognize that I’m pregnant…not fat.

All Id at 20 Months

March 2, 2011


Dear Boogs,

It’s getting harder to sit down and write about you because I feel like unless I wrote a book (and maybe even then) that I wouldn’t do you justice.  You’ve become so complicated and awesome with all of your speaking and mimicking and curiosity and tantrums.  It’s like overnight we’ve got our own little independent person living here.  You know what you want (and what you don’t) and you’re getting better every day at communicating with us on such matters.

In some ways this makes things easier and in other ways makes it so much harder because, no matter how stinking cute you are when you ask for something, we’re having to learn to say “no” (which you seem to have no trouble with at all) and show you who’s boss.  And so the true challenges of parenthood begin: making sure that we don’t allow you to become one of those heathen children that we see on Super Nanny…because every now and again we totally get a glimpse of how that can happen.  Just know that in 10 or 20 years when it appears that we have our parenting act together (hopefully) that it wasn’t always that way.  Almost every day I have a “what the hell do I do now” moment.

But generally speaking you are just so fun and smart and all the people in your life absolutely love being around you.  I’ve had strangers on the playground tell me that you have the best laugh and most of the time I get requests for babysitting rather than having to ask.  You’re just pure joy to be around and live with reckless abandon – it’s refreshing.  It’s without a doubt one of the qualities in you that I will be sad to see dwindle as you learn about the realities of the world.  But it’s just another thing to take from this moment in your life I guess.

While it’s getting harder to capture some of your finer moments on camera (because you do not sit still and you do not perform),

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention a few of my favorites that I hope to never forget:

  • Hills – You love to run down hills.  The steeper and thus more out of control you are the better.  You laugh the entire time.
    20110227-IMG_0164 20110227-IMG_0165
  • Books – You are a voracious reader.  Every night before bed you pull every single book off the shelf in your room and look through them.  You completely tune out the world during this ritual.  One night your dad wanted to see how loud he would have to say your name to get you to respond.  When he finally got your attention, you turned around and started crying.
  • Book Smarts – You can identify all of your letters and you love to do so.  You can count to ten with assistance in English and Spanish.  I’ve learned Spanish words from you.
  • Manners – You say thank you (pronounced “tank you”) not only when I hand you something, but anytime you hand me something.
  • Affection – It’s like you’re trying to eat our faces.
    Unhinge that jaw
  • Potty Training – It’s really non-existent at this point but you have pee-peed on the potty once (and I had an entire conversation with your doctor, aka an adult, where I repeatedly said pee-pee and poo-poo which in hindsight still makes me chuckle).  You still prefer the tub even though the potty is RIGHT THERE.
  • Technology – You’ve discovered the TV and the iPad.  Enough said.
  • Cheers – We taught you to “cheers”.  And like a lot of things we show you, you made us immediately regret it by continuing it through the whole dinner.
  • Copy-cat – If I’m brushing my teeth, you have to be brushing your   teeth which means of course that you floss now too.  If I take a drink at the dinner table and say “ahhh”, then you take a drink and say “ahhh”.  If the dog next door is panting from chasing the ball that you keep throwing, then you will pant while continuing to throw the ball.  I blow on your food to cool it down, and every once in a while I catch you blowing on your food too.
    Another person you like to ape
  • The inhumanity of it all – You’ve very recently started to throw yourself on the floor when you don’t get your way (I can’t believe kids actually do this!?!).  I hope pity isn’t what you’re going for because it makes your dad and I laugh every time.
  • Things You Say – This embodies most of your awesomeness because even if it’s not particularly groundbreaking stuff (sometimes it’s still just a gibberish sentence said with utter confidence), it still catches us off guard and allows your personality to shine through.  You’re constantly asking us “what’s that?” which at first I thought was just a game for you, but now I think you’re actually listening when we answer as you’re learning so much.  My favorite is when you give us commands (mama sit, dada swing, ruuun [all the way to the neighborhood playground]) and yell for us by name and point where you want us.

New challenges are definitely there, but I wouldn’t trade “easy” infant Aiden for this new toddler Aiden any day of the week.  I guess I did write a book.  Just so proud…




18 month well-visit stats taken at 19 months finally brought to you at 20 months:

Height: 33 3/4 in (75-90%)

Weight: 29.5 lbs (75-90%)

Head: 49.5 cm (90%)