Steamboat 2011

Sometime in mid-January (well over a month ago now because time is BARRELING OUT OF CONTROL), Dan and I went to Steamboat, CO for the first ski trip we’ve taken since Aiden came along.  We went with a couple of our good friends, and since it had been a couple years for all of us, we left extremely anxious to find out who was going to land in the hospital this trip.

The Mountain

But wouldn’t you know it?  Unlike nearly every other trip I’ve ever been on, we all came out uninjured (less a few aches and pains).  It could have been the fact that in three days we may have spent a total of 12 hours on the mountain (~4 hours a day and that’s being generous), but I prefer to think it’s because skiing and boarding is a lot like riding a bike.

Yeah...  ...we're professionals 

Anyhow,  it turned out to be a beautiful trip.  Of the three days, we had one sunny day (one of 5 they said they’d had all season)…

Sally, Scott & Dan

Me and Sally

Beautiful Day 

Sunny but COLD!

…and the rest of the time it snowed…and snowed…and snowed.  The conditions were mostly good, but by the third day, dare I say that I think there was actually too much powder.  As in board buried, no control, snow up to my knees while riding in a lot of cases.  Combine that with no visibility and that actually may have been a 3 hour day…with a 1 hour lunch.  Don’t judge us.  We’re old (and I was 7 weeks pregnant).

Third Day Visibility

Not sure what we're waiting for...

Obligatory lift shots.  I swear there were mountains and trees behind us.  And that neck warmer around my neck?  Yeah, it’s supposed to be black. 

Me  Dan

Since we had somewhat abbreviated days on the mountain, there was plenty of shenanigans in between…

20110122-IMG_0082 20110122-IMG_0066

A bed of snow

Sad face

Lazy Morning

We chuckled like children every time we passed this gas station.  We had to take a picture…

Hee Hee


Last Picture 

This was another vacation brought to you by Grandparents.  Aiden had a blast staying with his Nama and PawPaw (and even got some QT with Aunt Becky and Tyler too).  He was a little young this year, but next year, IT’S ON.

Just say no, Dad.


6 Responses to “Steamboat 2011”

  1. Carla @ I Run, You Run Says:

    Hold on, you’re having another baby? Did I read that right? Congrats!!!

  2. Jennifer Manous Says:

    I’m with Carla. I stopped really reading at the seven weeks comment. (love the blog btw).

  3. Beth Says:

    That’s right ladies. I’m more like 15 weeks along now though. It’s always nice to see who’s paying attention ;)

    Now that I’m getting out of my first trimester funk, I hope to post more on that later. Stay tuned.

  4. Linda Says:

    OMG. What a surprise. Another July baby? Congrats.
    PawPaw looks wasted or had he just woke up (probaly the
    latter) since he can’t sit in a chair without falling asleep hahaha.

  5. kathy Says:

    the photography is beautiful, but sitting here in 70+ degree weather I can’t help but feel that I am indeed the lucky one. could this be my age speaking and was I ever that young?

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