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2010 in Pictures

January 28, 2011

Yesssss!  A couple days earlier than last year.  At this rate of improvement, I’ll have this thing put together by New Years sometime around 2025.  Anyhow, because of the sheer magnitude of wedding pictures, they are not included in this video.  I had a hard time fitting the pictures as it was because we made a crap ton of memories this year.  But I have high hopes of doing a video of just wedding pictures here real soon…I just wouldn’t hold your breath.

Song – Jeremy Kay “Have It All”

Ok so I snuck in one wedding picture.  Yay 2010!


Snow Days

January 13, 2011

The only thing harder than being trapped inside for three days?  Being trapped inside with a toddler for three days.  Holy hell I can’t wait for summer.  But we did our parental duty and took Aiden out in the snow the first day where the smiles we got as we pulled him around our cul-de-sac on a trash can lid made the whole thing worth it.

Relearning to walk on the icy snow    The real fun begins

Loving it!

He's flying now... 

By Wednesday (day three) we started to worry that Aiden’s brain was rotting from [what we perceived to be] our sub-par daycare services, so we crafted the following with him. 

A is for alligator

He really liked placing the teeth on the glue dots I provided him.  When we finished I danced around with our art singing “A is for alligator, chomp, chomp, chomp” repeatedly which Aiden really enjoyed.  Between that and all the new iPad games we’ve been playing with him, I’m pretty sure he’s mastered the letter “A”.  Take that Goddard School.