A Little Moved

This morning I was reminded of the episode of “Friends” where Phoebe searches for the selfless good deed.

You see this year Dan and I decided to adopt a family seeing as how Aiden is so lucky to have such generous grandparents, aunt, uncles, and neighbors.  Seriously, the boy has more toys than you can shake a stick at, and while I have a strong desire to just continue giving him more, Dan and I both agreed that perhaps we should focus most of our shopping efforts this year for a family in need.

Families FirstWe found our little family from Families First in Atlanta, and I must admit that picking a family from the list was not an  easy task for us.  We wanted a family that was small enough so that we could afford to give them a nice Christmas which eliminated the family of 11 with a baby on the way who were all asking for iPods.  And Dan really had a strong desire to buy a bike for a kid, so we focused on families with kids in that age group.  Seriously we spent more time finding the perfect family than we did picking a name for our own child.  But eventually we found them: Melinda and Isaiah.  A thirty-something single mother with a six year old little boy.  Exactly what we were looking for.

Presents for the family under our treeSo we shopped.  We took what little information we were given on the family and did our best to get a little of everything.  For him, the school clothes his mother requested, legos, and a scooter (his information mentioned he already had a bike so poor Dan had to settle for the scooter).  For her, an entire bag of Bath and Body Works stuff (because what women doesn’t love that?) and a new set of pans for her kitchen.  For them, movies and board games and new pillows for their beds.  When I looked at it all wrapped up, I honestly wasn’t sure it was enough.  Had we done them right?  Should we have involved more people so that we could have gotten them more stuff?  But Dan assured me that we did good, and they would be thrilled.

Well yesterday I went to deliver the stuff to Families First in midtown.  When I walked in with my bags of presents, I couldn’t help but notice the gift-lined walls.  Hundreds of presents for those in need.  It was pretty cool.  I asked the lady that walked out with me to get the rest of the stuff from my car what would happen next, and she told me they were in the process of delivering the presents to the families so that they could have the stuff under their tree until Christmas.

My thoughts instantly went to our neighbor’s kids who are nearly 6 years old and REALLY into Santa this year.  As a mother, I can’t imagine poor Melinda having to worry about not giving her boy the Christmas you know he has to be imagining.  But after the presents arrive, she’ll get at least a week of relief knowing that everything will be a-ok.  And just think of Isaiah’s excitement!

So while we didn’t set out to adopt a family so that we could feel good, this ended up being such a wonderful, heart-warming experience that I can’t wait to share with my son.  Sorry Phoebe!


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