Crazy Laugh Break

Because sometimes you just have to laugh

This laugh break comes with a story.  So a while back we gave up on the high chair (the one that I wish we’d never bought) and started sitting Aiden at the table in a little booster seat.  We liked this much better because it felt like we were eating as a family at the table.  We strategically positioned him at the head of the table so he was between us.

Seating Arrangement

Shortly after we started doing this, we discovered something to hate about the new arrangement.  Aiden would put his feet up on the ledge under the table and lean his chair back.  “Four on the floor” and “do you want to get down?” we were constantly chiding him, just waiting for the day when he gave it a good enough kick to hit the deck.  Well the day finally arrived this weekend during snack time.  He kicked back hard enough and hit the wall behind him.  He was fine – the window sill caught his chair and I don’t think he even hit his head.  He mostly just scared himself, and I exhibited a lot of restraint in only saying “I told you so” once or twice while comforting him.

Anyhow, after this little incident, Dan immediately started looking for a chair kickstand to attach to the chair to prevent this from happening again.  However, that night at dinner I noticed that the table was much deeper on the short ends allowing room for him to get his feet up on the ledge underneath.  I suggested that we just move him to the long edge of the table so his legs would overshoot the ledge.  (Why hadn’t we thought of it before???)

Short Edge Gap Long Edge Gap

It worked like a charm!  After Dan moved him, I got up to get something out of the refrigerator and when I looked back I could see Aiden lifting his feet under the table, trying to find the ledge.  Only there was no ledge.  In seeing the defeat on his face, I broke out in an maniacal, “we win” kind of laughter that I’m pretty sure our neighbors heard.  And then Aiden started crazy laughing.  And then Dan started crazy laughing.  And this went on for literally ten minutes.  Long enough for me to grab the video camera…


3 Responses to “Crazy Laugh Break”

  1. Rebecca Says:

    Just want to tell you I was having a horrible day at work and the

  2. Rebecca Says:

    Sorry pressed the wrong button. As I was saying I was having a horrible day at work and the ONLY thing that made me smile was listening to my sweet nephew laugh. I love that laugh it’s the best laugh in the whole world!!!!!!!!! Love you kido!

  3. kathy Says:

    I thought i was having a decent day but who knew it could get so much better. Love you guys, Mom

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