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Cambridge Christmas

December 21, 2010

Our neighborhood has an annual Christmas breakfast.  We went last year, but that was back when we were perfecting the art of shoveling food in our faces before the baby lost his patience so I think we were there all of ten minutes.  This year was much more enjoyable.

We ate,

and made a mess.

played on the stairs,

because all the kids were doing it.

and met Santa.  (Breaking the ice with a high-five.)


No lines, no crowds, no muss, no fuss.  Is it possible that we could avoid mall Santa this year?  Dan thinks so, but somehow missing out on the tradition seems wrong to me so we still might make  another trip.

His look says "WTF?!?"

Again, lots of pictures, all of them looking pretty much exactly like this one.  No tears, but uncharacteristically no smiles either.  Check this out…

Mom - 1981 Aiden - 2010

That’s me with Santa when I was somewhere between 14 and 15 months old.  I only point this out because I was nearly as big as Aiden is now at 18 months.  And our expressions are uncannily similar to me.  And Santa has really come a long way since the early 80s.

Merry Christmas!

How about Aiden's scarf?


A Little Moved

December 17, 2010

This morning I was reminded of the episode of “Friends” where Phoebe searches for the selfless good deed.

You see this year Dan and I decided to adopt a family seeing as how Aiden is so lucky to have such generous grandparents, aunt, uncles, and neighbors.  Seriously, the boy has more toys than you can shake a stick at, and while I have a strong desire to just continue giving him more, Dan and I both agreed that perhaps we should focus most of our shopping efforts this year for a family in need.

Families FirstWe found our little family from Families First in Atlanta, and I must admit that picking a family from the list was not an  easy task for us.  We wanted a family that was small enough so that we could afford to give them a nice Christmas which eliminated the family of 11 with a baby on the way who were all asking for iPods.  And Dan really had a strong desire to buy a bike for a kid, so we focused on families with kids in that age group.  Seriously we spent more time finding the perfect family than we did picking a name for our own child.  But eventually we found them: Melinda and Isaiah.  A thirty-something single mother with a six year old little boy.  Exactly what we were looking for.

Presents for the family under our treeSo we shopped.  We took what little information we were given on the family and did our best to get a little of everything.  For him, the school clothes his mother requested, legos, and a scooter (his information mentioned he already had a bike so poor Dan had to settle for the scooter).  For her, an entire bag of Bath and Body Works stuff (because what women doesn’t love that?) and a new set of pans for her kitchen.  For them, movies and board games and new pillows for their beds.  When I looked at it all wrapped up, I honestly wasn’t sure it was enough.  Had we done them right?  Should we have involved more people so that we could have gotten them more stuff?  But Dan assured me that we did good, and they would be thrilled.

Well yesterday I went to deliver the stuff to Families First in midtown.  When I walked in with my bags of presents, I couldn’t help but notice the gift-lined walls.  Hundreds of presents for those in need.  It was pretty cool.  I asked the lady that walked out with me to get the rest of the stuff from my car what would happen next, and she told me they were in the process of delivering the presents to the families so that they could have the stuff under their tree until Christmas.

My thoughts instantly went to our neighbor’s kids who are nearly 6 years old and REALLY into Santa this year.  As a mother, I can’t imagine poor Melinda having to worry about not giving her boy the Christmas you know he has to be imagining.  But after the presents arrive, she’ll get at least a week of relief knowing that everything will be a-ok.  And just think of Isaiah’s excitement!

So while we didn’t set out to adopt a family so that we could feel good, this ended up being such a wonderful, heart-warming experience that I can’t wait to share with my son.  Sorry Phoebe!

Crazy Laugh Break

December 7, 2010

Because sometimes you just have to laugh

This laugh break comes with a story.  So a while back we gave up on the high chair (the one that I wish we’d never bought) and started sitting Aiden at the table in a little booster seat.  We liked this much better because it felt like we were eating as a family at the table.  We strategically positioned him at the head of the table so he was between us.

Seating Arrangement

Shortly after we started doing this, we discovered something to hate about the new arrangement.  Aiden would put his feet up on the ledge under the table and lean his chair back.  “Four on the floor” and “do you want to get down?” we were constantly chiding him, just waiting for the day when he gave it a good enough kick to hit the deck.  Well the day finally arrived this weekend during snack time.  He kicked back hard enough and hit the wall behind him.  He was fine – the window sill caught his chair and I don’t think he even hit his head.  He mostly just scared himself, and I exhibited a lot of restraint in only saying “I told you so” once or twice while comforting him.

Anyhow, after this little incident, Dan immediately started looking for a chair kickstand to attach to the chair to prevent this from happening again.  However, that night at dinner I noticed that the table was much deeper on the short ends allowing room for him to get his feet up on the ledge underneath.  I suggested that we just move him to the long edge of the table so his legs would overshoot the ledge.  (Why hadn’t we thought of it before???)

Short Edge Gap Long Edge Gap

It worked like a charm!  After Dan moved him, I got up to get something out of the refrigerator and when I looked back I could see Aiden lifting his feet under the table, trying to find the ledge.  Only there was no ledge.  In seeing the defeat on his face, I broke out in an maniacal, “we win” kind of laughter that I’m pretty sure our neighbors heard.  And then Aiden started crazy laughing.  And then Dan started crazy laughing.  And this went on for literally ten minutes.  Long enough for me to grab the video camera…

Holiday Helper

December 2, 2010

First he “helped” us with Thanksgiving dinner…

"Where can I use these sunflower seeds?"

Then after we got our Christmas tree up, he added the first two ornaments before we could even get the tree skirt out.

 Daddy's Slipper   Zebra Puzzle Piece

Thanks Holiday Helper!  You’re the best!

Knitted Hats

December 1, 2010

I knitted a couple hats to keep us warm at the playground this year.  Really they were both for him, but the one ended up fitting me better for now.


Up the slide...  ...down the slide.