15.5 Month Well Appt

15ish monthsI was half a month late getting him to the doctor so it only seems  appropriate that it took me over a month to post about it.  I’m not sure why I do posts on these stats, but I guess it’s good to be prepared in the event that Aiden ever asks how big he was when he was 15.5  month old.  I wonder if I’ll be this OCD about it with our second child.  Anyhow, this doctor’s appointment came immediately following the visits we made for his swollen eye so needless to say, he was none too thrilled to be back.  It made him extra clingy and I secretly enjoyed getting to comfort him with extra cuddles.

Height – 32 inches (50-75%)
Weight – 27 lbs 6 ozs (75-90%)
Head – 48.5 cm (75-90%)

Two things:

1) Aiden’s a big boy.  Solid really.  Some (like the doctor) would say that he’s bigger than 75-90% of babies his age.  And lots others would say this is CRAZY given the size  of his parents.  CRAZY I tell you.  A boy and his shopping cartBut  seriously if one more person says this to me my head might explode.  I know he’s big and that I’m small.  My teeny-tiny frame is the one that has to cart him around.  But I predict that he’s going to eventually shoot up in height and stretch out.  And then people will stop pointing out the paradox that is his  size.  And that will be glorious.  Only time will tell.

2) The sheet we got at this appointment said we could start using time-out to which I responded “YESSSSS!!!!”. We’ve been using it over the last few weeks and he seems to be getting it.   We’ve had some pretty funny moments with it actually that I will post about later.


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