Friends and the North Georgia Fair

I feel FAIR-ly thrilled to have recently stumbled upon a new group of ladies with babies all around the same age as Aiden who I greatly enjoy the company of and who have been nice enough to include me in their circle.  Without them we would have missed out on the fair this year, and then what would I have to look forward to next fall?

First ride.  He was digging it.

Old Car Ride

Logan?  Not so much.

It's ok little buddy...

Second ride was the teacups.  No pictures, but tons of fun.

Third ride.  Is it just me or is half the fun of the fair the thrill/terror that you feel when you of entrust the lives of your children to fair rides?

Riding Nemo

Feeding the goats.  Most of the goats were full.  It was a constant fight to get to the couple of gluttonous goats that would eat out of our hands.  We *may* have just elbowed that kid to get to the goat while his mother stopped to pick her nose.

Excuse me

Not great picture quality, but great ladies and great times!

Fair with Friends


4 Responses to “Friends and the North Georgia Fair”

  1. Jennifer Manous Says:

    I am so jealous. Not so many ladies up here to commune with.

    • Beth Says:

      You should move back to the Atlanta area. Then we could raise babies AND knit together. That’d be a double bonus! Seriously though, it took serious effort on my part to find people with young children that I actually liked being around. I was pretty amazed though by how many people in this area were looking for the exact same thing.

  2. Erica Says:

    Beth, that is so sweet and so true! I love this group of moms as well. Its very hard to find friends at this age and time in your life but with group we nailed it :)

  3. Cryselle Says:

    Beth, this is great. We all had so much fun! The fun thing is we all can do this every year and it will be different each time! Fun!

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