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100th Post: Married

October 29, 2010

Don’t think that I’m organized or clever enough to plan this to be my 100th post.  It wasn’t until around post 95, that I started to notice that the timing might work out.  But it only took 100 posts, and nearly 2.25 years of engagement and here we are.

I didn’t think I’d be that bride.  I mean wedding pictures take time to process.  Before the wedding ceremony even began, my good friend and photographer Jason had already taken 600 photos.  But I woke up the following morning in a sort of post-martial funk.  And when I realized that all that was left of one of the bigger days of my life (aside from a husband) was the photos, I knew what had to be done.  So I sent a message off to Jason requesting just ONE photo to help lift my spirits.  And this is what he sent me.

Mr. and Mrs. Louche

Yay!  There will be many more photos of the beautiful day posted here once we take stock of what we’ve got.  But we’ve made a lot of memories lately, and I don’t want to hold up the blog any longer.


First *Professional* Hair Cut

October 21, 2010

I’ll admit that I’m partially responsible for the mess that Aiden’s hair had become.  I mean I did trim it a couple of times in an effort to combat the mullet, but not well.  It turned out to be a lot like plucking your own eyebrows.  You swear you’re only going to pluck a couple to even them out and before you know it, your eyebrows are GONE.  So Dan and I agreed that once the back grew out enough for them to fix my last attempt, that it was time to let a professional take over.

I made Dan take a million pictures, but they all ended up looking exactly the same because he held this look nearly the entire time:


And from a different angle…


But he finally came to…


…and spotted the train table.


But luckily she was almost done by then.  The pictures don’t do justice to the difference the haircut made in his look.  He just looked so…grown up.  And when he was finally released from the chair he bee-lined it straight to the train table.


Little Devil

October 16, 2010

A few days ago, Aiden woke up with a swollen eye which resulted in me staying home with him for a couple of days.  I can’t be sure, but I’m pretty sure he was trying to kill me in those two days. And then I found this picture that I took in the mirror at Target…

Playing dress-up in Target

Too cute, right?  Well what if we zoom in on Aiden…


Oh yeah…the kid definitely had it in for me. 

Also, I dressed him in his skeleton hoodie to head to the doctor, and between that and the swollen eye, when I looked back at him in his car seat all I could see was Johnny from Karate Kid (you know when him and his entourage dressed as skeletons while Daniel Son was a shower).  This picture was taken several hours later and just does not do it justice…probably because of his adorable, not in the least bit menacing look.


Btw, Aiden’s eye is now back to normal and he is doing great.

Bloody Noses and Busted Lips

October 8, 2010

15 months

My dearest Aiden,

Happy 15 months baby!  We’ve seen some big changes in you over the the last 3 months, the most noticeable of which  is that you started walking.  First it was just a few steps here and there between mom and dad.  Then you got more bold, doing more walking than crawling.  And now you’re basically running.  And you’ve done all of this without watching for a single second where you are going.  But aside from the beating your face has taken since this little development, your walking has been an extremely welcome change around here.  

Another big thing has been your increasing vocabulary.  I neglected writing about your first words even though it was my intention to do so.  We wanted to be entirely certain of what you were saying before we cried wolf, and sadly your first words were not a cut-and-dry moment for us.  If I had to pick your first two words though, I would say “dog” and “ball” without a doubt.  And now if you hear even the slightest bark off in the distance you will yell “DOG!” and not stop until we find you a dog.  This makes mommy and daddy super stoked that all of our surrounding neighbors have dogs.

But “dog” and “ball” is not all you’ll say.  You actually talk a lot and repeat a lot of the same sounds over and over again.  We just have no idea what you’re saying most of the time, but we’re constantly working on it.  Here is a list of the words that we can make out consistently so far:

  • dog
  • ball – Sometimes you will even say “dog, ball” when you want Zeus to get the ball.
  • book – You love books and I love to see that passion in you at such a young age.
  • cleanup – Although it comes out “nnnup”, you definitely say it when I start straightening up…even if your actual cleaning is still weak.
  • duck – If I ask you what a duck says, you reply “duck” which I think is your way of saying quack.
  • mmm – Mmmm is totally a word and you say it when something tastes good or I ask you what a cow says.
  • dada – Usually with excitement
  • mama – Usually in a pathetic, adorable, I need something kind of way.  And it gets me EVERY SINGLE TIME.
  • bu-bye – Complete with the cutest little wave or if we’re really lucky, blown kisses.
  • beetcha – You say this all the time.  We’re not sure what this really means, but we have our theories.

In addition to the walking and talking, you’re getting really smart too.  You do you’re floor puzzles and delight in books that have flaps for you to lift.  You build.   You clearly understand most of what we ask of you, even if often times it results in you doing exactly the opposite.  You learned how to get off the bed.

There’s just so many little things too:  The way you try to jump where you lift your head up but your feet don’t leave the floor.  The way you back into places that you want to sit.

Your laugh. Always your laugh. The way you hold your fork through an entire meal with one hand and shovel food into your mouth with the other. 

That carrot stayed through the whole meal.

The way you point to where you want me to put your food and show us your empty plate when you’re finished.  The way it hurts so good when you poke at/smack my face right before you go to bed. The look you give me when you’re trying not to smile.

Love this look.

The fact that you’re undoubtedly ALL BOY. 

Couple hours at the park = soaking wet, covered in sand from head to toe.

The seasons are changing now in Georgia, and I’m packing up all of your shorts…the seven or so pairs that I got so tired of dressing you in all summer.  I thought this would be a good thing as I get to put you in your new shiny wardrobe, but something about it is kind of sad.  And I think it just has to do with the fact that you won’t fit in those clothes next year.  It’s so weird wanting you to stay how you are but looking forward to watching you grow.  Please just stay irresistibly sweet!

Love you a million,


Come Inside

October 5, 2010

Aiden’s first fort compliments of daddy.  What you can’t see in these pictures is me behind the couch coaxing him to come inside.




Oh, and that’s what she said.