In One Month…

In one month I officially earn the title of this blog, and The Louche Family takes great strides in becoming less of a work in progress.

In one month I can relish in the fact that yes, that damn dress was totally worth it and those were the most beautiful effing centerpieces and the favors – my god those favors – those were the most wonderful  favors in all the history of favors.

In one month I will ignore the fact that no one (except for me…and maybe my mom) noticed, much less cared about every little stupid detail that went into one silly day.

In one month, the real reason for all of this wedding planning nonsense becomes realized.

In one month, I marry my best friend.

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Oh and btw, if you haven’t RSVP’d yet 1) you’re late, 2) you suck, and 3) just kidding about 2), but come on people…help me out.


2 Responses to “In One Month…”

  1. kltruhn Says:

    I love my son more than life itself…as a Mom, i know you can relate to that statement entirely, but equally and as importantly, know that I love my new “daughter” as well. Who wouldn’t love the one person in this world who can put a smile on my son’s face and a twinkle in his eye (I’m not ever asking how you do that!) I am just thankful every day that you are there for each other. I love you both, Mom

  2. Carla @ I Run, You Run Says:

    Yay, one month to go! I’m in 2 months, 4 days. It’s taking freaking forever to get here!

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