NYC – Day 3

You thought there was only two days didn’t you?  Well by day 3 we pretty much owned the subway (especially if you don’t count the time we got on the wrong platform somewhere near Greenwich Village and had to take a 30 minute detour).

 Train's a comin'

First stop on our last day: Wall Street.

Wall Street Wall Mural

To me this was just a bunch of buildings and a random bull who’s giant brass balls drew tourists from all over the world, but Dan liked it  (Wall Street, not the brass balls).

Heads...  or balls?

We walked over and saw the Statue of Liberty from afar (see that little nubbin behind us?).

Statue of Liberty

And then over to Ground Zero which is some damn crazy stuff, even for someone who never saw those buildings standing.  It’s hard to believe what happened there.  We didn’t take a lot of pictures because it was basically a construction-site and there really wasn’t much to see, but we thought it’d be cool to have these so our kids could see the big hole that it once was since it seems they’ve got big plans for the site.

Thumbs...    DOWN!

We  ate lunch at Katz Deli which was quite the rat race, but it was pretty cool to eat in the restaurant where Sally had her fake orgasm in “When Harry Met Sally”.

We ate three meals worth of pastrami and corned beef...and it only took an hour to order.

And then it was off to Carrie Bradshaw’s stoop.  We’re pretty sure we were in the right place because they had it chained off with no trespassing signs out.  It must be weird to have a famous stoop.  Although in researching the address, we read that the people that live there got paid like $60k every time Carrie was filmed on that stoop so I have to imagine it was worth it.

SATC Stoop: Greenwich Village

On the way back to the hotel, I really had to pee, so we strolled over to the bathrooms in a charming little park near our hotel called Bryant Park. 

Bryant Park

It needs to be said that the public bathrooms there are AMAZING.  So clean and fancy for a public park in the middle of a dirty city.  In all seriousness they’ve been nominated (if not won) awards for their amazing bathrooms.  No seriously.  Google it.


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