Glad We Opted For A Membership

We had been waiting for a weekend like this past Labor Day weekend to take Aiden to the zoo for the first time.  The weather couldn’t have been more perfect… 


You might be thinking, “Aw, look at the cute baby roaring like a lion”. 

Nope.  We never made it to the lions.  We actually only made it like a quarter of the way through the zoo before we couldn’t take the screaming anymore.  I mean sure, it was cute when we were watching the birds that were making a similar sound.  It was as if they were communicating.  And it did stop briefly when we were standing ten feet away from an elephant (what must he have been thinking about that elephant?).  But I think we’ve learned that if you’re going to go to the petting zoo first, we’re just going to have to suck it up and let him kiss the goats…and the sheep…and the pigs…if that’s what will keep him happy.

What can I say? He loves animals.

First trip to the zoo = FAIL


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