NYC – Day 2

I woke up Saturday and told Dan that we were figuring out the subway because all of the aimless walking just wasn’t working for me.  So we hopped a train to Central Park, picked up some Dean and Deluca’s (you know…where Felicity worked ;), and strolled over to the MET.

Museum.  Are we back in Italy?

I’m not a huge museum person (and the security guard wanted me to throw away my iced coffee before entering), so we opted not to go in.  We had fun just sitting on the steps though.

American Woman

Then we entered Central Park where we played with some bears…

Our Bear Brethren

…kissed on a rock…


…sat and listened to a jazz band…

Getting funky and sweating balls

…and imagined.

Strawberry Fields in Central Park

When we left Central park, we hit up FAO Schwartz where we saw the piano from “Big” and met with the ugly doll (and bought Aiden a gift of course).

Boy were we excited to see him...

I also got ready for my Quidditch match while Dan humored me and brewed some magic potion in the Harry Potter section.

Where's my broom? Where's his wand?

Then we *walked* (I was tricked) to Times Square.

Obligatory Picture of Times Square

We ran into Justin Timberlake filming a movie near Rockefeller Center (and let’s face it –  the celebrity encounter pretty much made the whole trip).  We turned straight into paparazzi.



We rounded out the day seeing “The Lion King” on Broadway.  It was good, but I wish that we had seen something more adult and saved it for our kiddies.  I just know the story of Simba all too well to have been wowed.  I spent a lot of the show missing Aiden and thinking about the circle of life.  It was weird.

A night on broadway

I like the shots we took during intermission though…


...Times Square


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