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In One Month…

September 22, 2010

In one month I officially earn the title of this blog, and The Louche Family takes great strides in becoming less of a work in progress.

In one month I can relish in the fact that yes, that damn dress was totally worth it and those were the most beautiful effing centerpieces and the favors – my god those favors – those were the most wonderful  favors in all the history of favors.

In one month I will ignore the fact that no one (except for me…and maybe my mom) noticed, much less cared about every little stupid detail that went into one silly day.

In one month, the real reason for all of this wedding planning nonsense becomes realized.

In one month, I marry my best friend.

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Oh and btw, if you haven’t RSVP’d yet 1) you’re late, 2) you suck, and 3) just kidding about 2), but come on people…help me out.


Razor Billionaire

September 21, 2010

Ever since I started CVS-ing, Dan finds some kind of sick pleasure in receiving a new FREE razor every couple of weeks.  One afternoon I walked in on him in the bathroom, sitting on the floor in front of his sink, counting and organizing his razors singing: “I want to be a razor billionaire, sooo freeaakin’ bad.”  I laughed then and continue to laugh about it now.  We all need goals.

Razor Billionaire

NYC – Day 3

September 16, 2010

You thought there was only two days didn’t you?  Well by day 3 we pretty much owned the subway (especially if you don’t count the time we got on the wrong platform somewhere near Greenwich Village and had to take a 30 minute detour).

 Train's a comin'

First stop on our last day: Wall Street.

Wall Street Wall Mural

To me this was just a bunch of buildings and a random bull who’s giant brass balls drew tourists from all over the world, but Dan liked it  (Wall Street, not the brass balls).

Heads...  or balls?

We walked over and saw the Statue of Liberty from afar (see that little nubbin behind us?).

Statue of Liberty

And then over to Ground Zero which is some damn crazy stuff, even for someone who never saw those buildings standing.  It’s hard to believe what happened there.  We didn’t take a lot of pictures because it was basically a construction-site and there really wasn’t much to see, but we thought it’d be cool to have these so our kids could see the big hole that it once was since it seems they’ve got big plans for the site.

Thumbs...    DOWN!

We  ate lunch at Katz Deli which was quite the rat race, but it was pretty cool to eat in the restaurant where Sally had her fake orgasm in “When Harry Met Sally”.

We ate three meals worth of pastrami and corned beef...and it only took an hour to order.

And then it was off to Carrie Bradshaw’s stoop.  We’re pretty sure we were in the right place because they had it chained off with no trespassing signs out.  It must be weird to have a famous stoop.  Although in researching the address, we read that the people that live there got paid like $60k every time Carrie was filmed on that stoop so I have to imagine it was worth it.

SATC Stoop: Greenwich Village

On the way back to the hotel, I really had to pee, so we strolled over to the bathrooms in a charming little park near our hotel called Bryant Park. 

Bryant Park

It needs to be said that the public bathrooms there are AMAZING.  So clean and fancy for a public park in the middle of a dirty city.  In all seriousness they’ve been nominated (if not won) awards for their amazing bathrooms.  No seriously.  Google it.


September 15, 2010

You may have noticed in my somewhat sporadic updates of Aiden’s different phases that I have referred to him as a face-diver.  If you’ve never witnessed his face-diving, you may be curious what it’s all about…

He does this into something soft, mostly when he’s tired, and it’s extremely cute and hilarious, right?  Well now I’d like you to imagine him doing this, only instead of something soft on the receiving end, imagine it’s your face… 

Head-butter has been added to the list effective immediately.  Make sure to look for it in the next update.  In the midst of a recent girls night out, I called Dan to find out how the baby did while I was gone: “He head-butted me – not as bad as he got you the other morning, but pretty hard – so we each spent the last half hour he was awake crying.” 

Deep Thoughts

September 10, 2010

“Our baby boy is turning into a baby man.”  -Dan

13 months

13.5 months 

13.75 months

14 months

Truer words have never been spoken.

Glad We Opted For A Membership

September 10, 2010

We had been waiting for a weekend like this past Labor Day weekend to take Aiden to the zoo for the first time.  The weather couldn’t have been more perfect… 


You might be thinking, “Aw, look at the cute baby roaring like a lion”. 

Nope.  We never made it to the lions.  We actually only made it like a quarter of the way through the zoo before we couldn’t take the screaming anymore.  I mean sure, it was cute when we were watching the birds that were making a similar sound.  It was as if they were communicating.  And it did stop briefly when we were standing ten feet away from an elephant (what must he have been thinking about that elephant?).  But I think we’ve learned that if you’re going to go to the petting zoo first, we’re just going to have to suck it up and let him kiss the goats…and the sheep…and the pigs…if that’s what will keep him happy.

What can I say? He loves animals.

First trip to the zoo = FAIL

Aiden the Builder

September 3, 2010

I remember being super excited when he first started using his arms and hands with purpose.  And for the longest time there was the phase where he just wanted to throw and chase the blocks all over the house.  But just look at him now…

He never ceases to amaze me.  He’s building all the time now – actually orienting the blocks in the right way to stack them up.  I’m sure you also noted the perfect way in which he acknowledged Zeus too.   Cognitive development = awesome.

NYC – Day 2

September 1, 2010

I woke up Saturday and told Dan that we were figuring out the subway because all of the aimless walking just wasn’t working for me.  So we hopped a train to Central Park, picked up some Dean and Deluca’s (you know…where Felicity worked ;), and strolled over to the MET.

Museum.  Are we back in Italy?

I’m not a huge museum person (and the security guard wanted me to throw away my iced coffee before entering), so we opted not to go in.  We had fun just sitting on the steps though.

American Woman

Then we entered Central Park where we played with some bears…

Our Bear Brethren

…kissed on a rock…


…sat and listened to a jazz band…

Getting funky and sweating balls

…and imagined.

Strawberry Fields in Central Park

When we left Central park, we hit up FAO Schwartz where we saw the piano from “Big” and met with the ugly doll (and bought Aiden a gift of course).

Boy were we excited to see him...

I also got ready for my Quidditch match while Dan humored me and brewed some magic potion in the Harry Potter section.

Where's my broom? Where's his wand?

Then we *walked* (I was tricked) to Times Square.

Obligatory Picture of Times Square

We ran into Justin Timberlake filming a movie near Rockefeller Center (and let’s face it –  the celebrity encounter pretty much made the whole trip).  We turned straight into paparazzi.



We rounded out the day seeing “The Lion King” on Broadway.  It was good, but I wish that we had seen something more adult and saved it for our kiddies.  I just know the story of Simba all too well to have been wowed.  I spent a lot of the show missing Aiden and thinking about the circle of life.  It was weird.

A night on broadway

I like the shots we took during intermission though…


...Times Square