The 4th

One thing that I didn’t take a moment to appreciate last year on July 4th (probably because all of my free time was spent  crying in those early postpartum days) was exactly how close Aiden’s birthday is to a holiday.  I do vaguely remember watching the fireworks from the back doors of our house last year (the first night he was home from the hospital) but I doubt it even occurred to me that we were celebrating anything other than Aiden’s arrival.

I was a little more lucid this year and after all the birthday festivities were behind us, we managed to have a nice little 4th.  It all started with a trip to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens…

Stroller Brigade    Cute boys

…where Aiden liked to pick look at the flowers…

He may or may not have rolled away with that flower...

…and the birds (we need to get this kid to a zoo).

The birds looked dead when we rolled up, but they gave us a show.

But he *really* liked the mist-ers…

In fairness, it was hot.

“Again,  again!”

Loved it

…and playing with mom and dad in the kids area.

In the bug least I think it was a bug.

Dylann liked the fountain so much that there may have been some trickery involved in getting her out of there.

The reason people get season passes to Atlanta Botanical Gardens

Then after a last minute change of plans, we decided on Cuban for dinner  at one of our favorite restaurants (because nothing says Happy Birthday America like Cuban food).  But they were closed for the holiday so we went over to Taco Mac which I suppose felt more appropriate  anyway.  Then we stepped outside and enjoyed the Mall of GA fireworks. 

Waiting on the show to start...

...still waiting... 

The fireworks didn’ t start until close to 9:30…

Daddy and Aiden watching the works.   Aiden watching the works.  Daddy watching Aiden.

"What the hell?"

…and about half way through someone got very sleepy and opted for a more comfortable view.

Heart. Melting.

He was a trooper though and waited until we got to the car to totally pass out.


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