Birthday Party – Family Edition

The Saturday after Aiden’s birthday we had a little family BBQ at our house.  It was the regular Guthrie crowd along with our friend Paula and her daughter Dylann who were visiting from DC.  Even Aiden’s Great Aunt Nancy showed up to celebrate with us.

The highlights of the party were the cozy coupe which Aunt Becky brought and Uncle Chris and Tyler took the time to put together…

Aiden's Ride Dylann's Ride

…and the cake smash.  I’m still not exactly sure what came over me, but I randomly decided that I could be a cake decorator and made Aiden’s smash cake myself.  Something about your baby’s first birthday that turns a girl into little Ms. DIY.  I even made the cupcake stand and the banner that may have become a permanent decoration in our keeping room.  I just wanted it to be special, and I think it turned out pretty nice (imperfect cake and all).  But man I’m glad it’s over.

Decor From the top

Precariously perched

I wish we’d gotten some video so you could hear the excitement and see Dan scraping the gobs of icing (did I mention that icing a cake is hard) off about half way through, but the bazillion pictures will have to do.  Without further ado.

Hey is this for me?
“Hey is this for me?”

Happy birthday to you!

That's how old I am.
“That’s how old I am.”

Pefect pincher
Perfect pincher grasp…even especially with icing.


And then the sharing began…
Here Paw Paw
He shared with Paw Paw.

He starts offering us his food when he gets full

That's the only way we know he's done

Everyone was laughing and carrying was awesome.
And Nama.  Pretty much everyone got a taste.  And somehow he got a little blue icing on his nose.


Which was funny.


Really funny.

Still laughing...the sugar must have been taking hold
Look at that massacred cake.  That’s my boy!

Perfect finish
“Yeah, I smashed it.  Jealous?”


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