12-Month “Well” Visit

I took Aiden to the doctor today for his 12-month “well” visit.  I put well in quotes because I’ve come to learn that Aiden will undoubtedly be sick for all of his well visits.  Fortunately this time it still wasn’t his ears, but he’s got a cough and congestion that seems to be causing some wheezing.  He’s going on an inhaler for the first time until the wheezing clears up, but at least there was no need for antibiotics (or one of those breathing machines).

Otherwise the doctor’s visit went as good as can be expected.  He’s definitely learned that no good can come from laying down on the doctor’s table so he got extra whiny and clingy the three times they laid him back even though only one of them resulted in shots.  When I grabbed his hands on that particular time, the crying commenced Pre-shotsbefore the needle even touched his leg.  Aside from that he was a perfectly happy baby.  Here he was moments before the hysteria playing ball with mommy…just laughing up a storm.

Developmentally he’s right on target for his age (even though he refuses to wave bye-bye or point).  She was impressed that he would shake his head no which of course had me beaming.  He’s so heavy to carry around, but he’s not breaking any records and looks to be rather proportional which is always good: weight – 23 lbs (50-75%), height – 30.5 in (75%), and head circumference – 47.5 cm (75%).


One Response to “12-Month “Well” Visit”

  1. kathy truhn Says:

    He is sooooo perfect. You guys have much to be proud of.

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